Pavitra Bhagya Naagin 5 Barrister Shakti Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger

Pavitra Bhagya Naagin 5 Barrister Shakti Choti Sardarni Praniti accuses Vardhan for the misbehavior. She asks him why is he after her life. Vardhan is glad to see her coming to her right place. He tells her that he will make her disappear and none will know about her. Jugnu stops the doctor from injecting Praniti. She tells that Praniti is already fine. Praniti falls unconscious, while the media makes an entry home. The reporters question Baljeet about the women safety in her house. They ask if the women aren’t safe. They want to find out Praniti. Reyansh gets proof against Vardhan.

Reyansh learns that Vardhan has threatened her life and also ill-treated her, Reyansh lashes out his fury at him. He slaps Vardhan. Baljeet feels Praniti has created a Mahabharat in her house. She scolds Praniti for breaking the family. Baljeet wants to save Vardhan. Praniti tells Baljeet that Mahabharat happened because of a man’s ego, but because of a woman. She tells that its her fight for her rights. She opposes Baljeet.

Naagin 5:
Bani decides to take her revenge on Veer. She tries to find out whom Veer loves the most. She starts killing those he loves. Veer learns her move and gets alert. He doesn’t want Bani to hurt his loved ones.


Choti Sardarni:
Sarabjeet proves his love for Meher during the rituals. Kulwant has got to know that Vikram is Manav. She tries to keep him away from Meher. She hopes that he doesn’t get his memory back. Vikram enjoys the functions with Aditi, Sarabjeet and Meher. He is happy seeing Sarabjeet and Meher’s love. Vikram starts recovering his lost memory. He stops the marriage rituals when he learns that he is Manav himself.

Barrister Babu:
Binoy learns Bondita’s huge secret that she has been skipping the studies and going out of the house. He exposes Bondita’s secret to the family. Anirudh interrogates Bondita on knowing that she has run out of the house in his absence by leaving the studies. He feels cheated. He confronts her actions. He tells her that he just wants to know the truth.

Bondita gets worried when he demands the truth. He asks her where she had been to. He tells that she didn’t write anything. Trilochan asks her to swear on the books and tell Anirudh that she didn’t go to see Kanha’s miracle at Brijvasi’s place. Binoy knows that she won’t lie. He gets happy that she will be soon getting caught.


Virat realizes his feelings for Heer. There is a big twist in their love story. He confesses his love to Heer when he is going to marry Jharna. He proposes her for the marriage. Soham plans to get Heer killed. Virat saves Heer once again. Virat proves to be her protector. Soham planned to kill Heer, Harak and Preeto as well. There are a series of events that make Virat sure of his decision. He ends up getting hurt while saving Heer and her family. Harak and Preeto also start believing Virat, knowing Soham has become Heer’s enemy. Soham fails in his plans because of Virat.

Omkar and Mayura get married and take a vow that they will always spend their lives together. Omkar’s mum burns the papers. She destroys the truth of his past. She doesn’t want Mayura to know his truth ever. Mayura has full faith on Omkar. Omkar doesn’t want to break her faith. He cages her forever. Mayura is unaware of his truth.


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