Anupama Update 21st Sept Anirudh blackmails Kavya

Anupama Update 21st Sept Anirudh blackmails Kavya

Anupama Update 21st Sept Anirudh blackmails Kavya Vanraj doesn’t want Anirudh to send Kavya and his picture to Anupama or Rakhi. He asks Kavya to stop Anirudh from sending the picture, else it will be a big problem. Kavya is staying in Vanraj’s house now, which may also create new troubles for him. She tells that she tolerated Anirudh every day, she can stay somewhere else if its troubling him.

He tells that she can stay with him, but he is much worried for Paritosh’s alliance. He gets Anupama’s message and pictures. He is irritated further. He plays a drama and calls up Anupama to ask her to wear the saree chosen by him. She gets happy. She informs him that Kavya went home, he should pick her on return. Vanraj lies that he didn’t know it, he will talk to Kavya and bring her.

Baa tells that Anupama’s chosen saree is costly, she shouldn’t buy it. Dolly knows that Anupama likes the saree. She wants Anupama to buy it. Anupama doesn’t want to upset Baa. Sanjay and Dolly buy the saree for Anupama and gift her. Vanraj brings Kavya home. Sanjay gets irked to see them. Vanraj doesn’t feel any shame since Anupama believes him. Baa taunts Kavya for coming back. Vanraj and everyone stop Baa.

Meanwhile, Samar is happy to see Nandini. He tells her that he isn’t staring at her. She takes his help. Anirudh sends Vanraj and Kavya’s picture to someone. He feels sorry for Kavya. Rakhi gets a message and is glad that her plan worked so soon. The family members get a message at the same time. Baa wonders who is messaging them. Rakhi sends them an e-invite to Shah family. She tells Pramod that she didn’t have time to meet them and personally invite.

Vanraj feels bad that Rakhi didn’t come to invite them. Anirudh sends the picture to Nandini, who goes to confront Kavya about her affair. She shows the message to Kavya. Kavya lies to Nandini. She tells that Vanraj is her good friend, he was consoling her in the low moment. She denies the affair. Nandini doubts on Kavya. She wants to find out the truth. She tells that one shouldn’t cross the limits of friendship. Kavya gets tensed.

She informs Vanraj that Nandini is doubting her. She is worried that someone is spying on her. Anirudh shocks her. He is spying on Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama hugs Vanraj, and ends up irritating him. She is hurt to see his indifference. She thinks why did he get angry on her.

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