Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st September Quick Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September Real DSR arrives

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st September Quick Update Vansh saves Riddhima from the falling chandelier. Kabir is glad that his plan worked. Riddhima gets scared and gets scolded by Vansh for her loss of attention. Riddhima gets her hand burnt by the fire. Vansh takes care of her and expresses his feelings. Anupriya is happy to see Kabir’s plan hitting right. They both are using Riddhima to win over Vansh. Riddhima suspects Devraj to be the person behind the chandelier fall.

Vansh asks Riddhima if she doesn’t care for her life, since she is always hurting herself. Riddhima asks him the reason for saving her life when he wanted to kill her. Riddhima then spies on Devraj, but fails to know that he is Kabir. Kabir keeps his disguise in front of her. He misleads her by answering her doubts. She feels he is also a complicated person like Vansh. Dadi happens to see Kabir when he removes the disguise.

Kabir wants to stop Dadi before she informs his truth to Vansh. He can’t let her spoil his plan. Anupriya helps Kabir trick Dadi and end her doubts. Anupriya lies to Dadi that Kabir was with her. Dadi gets confused. Vansh decides to keep Riddhima away from him and his risky business, since her life may fall in danger. Kabir makes a plan to kidnap Riddhima so that he can trap Vansh. Vansh looks for Riddhima in the entire house.


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Indiawaali Maa:
Kaku gets into an argument with Chinamma’s parents, who offer her money to break Rohan and Chinamma’s alliance. Kaku asks them how much can they offer. She asks them to tag any price to separate the children. She takes fifteen days time. She tells them that Rohan will fix everything in fifteen days, she will help her son in recovering from loans. She tells that she will explain them counting them. Chinamma informs Rohan about Kaku’s meeting. Rohan is furious to know about the argument. Rohan wants to ask Kaku about it.


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