Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update 21st September Upcoming

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update 21st September Upcoming

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update 21st September Upcoming Anurag supports Kuki when he learns that Kaushik has been involved in the exam paper leak scam. He tells that he already knew that Kuki is innocent. Mr. Bajaj and Anurag get into a heated argument, while Komolika tries to hint them about Kaushik and Kuki’s love story. Kaushik tells them that he was feeling much guilty and wanted to help out Kuki from the mess.

Anurag tells that he can’t fix the wrong by doing anything wrong again. He gets much disappointed with Kaushik and Monu. Monu accepts his mistake that he has persuaded Kaushik to leak the papers to help a friend. He admits that he is behind the entire mess. He doesn’t want Kaushik to get rusticated. Anurag asks the principal to rusticate both of them. Mr. Bajaj finds Anurag giving a good lecture and defending his image.

Kuki feels bad knowing Kaushik was the mastermind of the scam. She doesn’t listen to him and goes away. Prerna pacifies Kuki and learns that Kuki loves Kaushik. Kuki wants an answer from Kaushik. Kaushik doesn’t care for his rustication. He goes to Kuki to confess that he loves her. He tells her that he has done everything for her love. Monu intervenes to clear Kaushik’s name in Kuki’s sight. He tells that he had been forcing Kaushik to steal the papers. He tells that they should better have a talk than having any misunderstanding.

Monu wants Kaushik to win his love. Anurag blasts his anger at Komolika who acts very sweet towards Kaushik to mislead him further. He doesn’t want her to get involved in his nephew’s matter. He scolds her publicly, which gives a chance to Mr. Bajaj to judge Anurag again. Anurag too bashes out at Mr. Bajaj who didn’t give a fair chance to his daughter and accused her. He asks Mr. Bajaj to show some faith on his daughter.

Anurag wants to send Kaushik to Rakhi. Prerna stops him and reveals that Kuki and Kaushik are madly in love with each other. Anurag didn’t know about it. Prerna tells that she is aware of this since a long time, its clearly evident. Anurag feels happy knowing Kaushik is in love. He just wants to support Kaushik and complete his love story. Anurag and Prerna feel the heart ache on their incomplete love story. She accuses him for letting her down. He wants to tell her that he has done everything for her love, to protect her and Sneha. He wants to ask her about Sneha, but doesn’t want to offend her.

Later, Anurag brings Kaushik home and assures his support towards the love story. Kaushik gets happy. Anurag explains his mistake to him. Kaushik makes an apology. He reveals that he has already told Komolika about his love for Kuki.

Anurag thinks its a big mistake again. He wants to keep Kaushik away from a dangerous woman like Komolika. He reprimands Komolika for trying to create a rift between Kaushik and him. He wants Komolika to answer him about Prerna’s company stake. Komolika doesn’t like to answer him. She feels Anurag knows her well and is getting smarter. Anurag catches hold of her to know about the reason for which Prerna gave away her company stake to Komolika. The company stake matter gets known to Mr. Bajaj as well, who raises an objection to her decision.

He doubts that Prerna has feelings for Anurag. Prerna reveals Komolika’s blackmailing move, which leaves him furious. Also, Anupam’s entry is delayed since couple of episodes. Anupam’s name still flashes on Nivedita’s phone and upsets her. Nivedita doesn’t want to see his face by recalling how he broke her heart. Anurag decides to make Kaushik’s true love win. What will Anurag and Prerna do to support Kaushik and Kuki’s love? Keep reading.

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