Choti Sardarni 24th September 2020 Manav Meher’s meet

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Choti Sardarni 24th September Manav Meher’s meet Harleen wants Sarabjeet to go to the airport and board the flight. He tells that the flight got delayed. She asks him if Meher will come back. He isn’t sure but wants to try his best. Meher is also not sure of her return. She gets worried and hugs her sons. Param wants her to come back soon and get a little sister for him. Param tells that Karan will also wait to become an elder brother.

Meher cries a lot in an emotional state. She wants Param to always take care of Karan. She tells him that she will come back very soon. Meher is more worried for little Karan, who needs a mother. She hopes that she doesn’t get separated from her children. Param doesn’t want her to cry. Sarabjeet informs her that they should reach the airport in some time. She enquires about Vikram’s condition. He tells her that Aditi has treated Vikram.

Meher packs her stuff to leave for the airport. Vikram’s parents Surya and Simmi are worried for him. They are thankful that Aditi saved Vikram. Aditi asks Sarabjeet where is he going with Meher. He promises to tell her everything when he gets time. Aditi cries for Vikram. She wants him to recover soon. Kulwant and her sons get disguised and reach the hospital to kill Vikram. Aditi goes to get water for him. She misses to see Kulwant.

Kulwant tells her sons that they should just rush and kidnap Vikram. Aditi gets a huge shock on finding Vikram missing. Kulwant too wonders where is Manav. Aditi calls up Vikram to know where did he go. Manav gets saved by leaving the hospital in time. He rushes to Sarabjeet’s house to meet Meher. He wants to shout out that he has come back for her. He thinks she is also waiting for him. Meher takes care of Param and Karan.

She leaves from her room, while Manav enters the house. He gets busy in talking to Meher’s picture. He sheds tears and hugs Meher’s picture. He gets to see Meher leaving. He knows that she will hug him when he tells her the truth that he is Manav. He is ready to surprise her. He awaits her at the door. He misses to meet Meher because of Harleen.

Harleen asks Meher to keep courage. Meher asks Harleen to take care of Param and Karan. Manav learns that Meher is leaving. He doesn’t want her to go anywhere when he has come back. He falls into a dilemma. He faces the harsh truth that Meher is Sarabjeet’s wife now. The truth gets breaking his heart hard. He feels stabbed by the truth that his love has married someone else. He then faces another truth that he has married Aditi.

The new memories of Vikram gets haunting him. He feels he has lost everything in his life. He angrily hits his injured head on the walls. He feels Meher will always be of her. He wants to talk out to her. He denies his marriage with Aditi. He feels Meher is also cheated by Kulwant and is forced to marry Sarabjeet. He hopes that she will leave Sarabjeet and come back to him once she knows he is alive. He wants to meet Meher.

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