Pavitra Bhagya 25th Sept Reyansh Praniti mutual decision

Pavitra Bhagya 25th Sept Reyansh Praniti mutual decision

Pavitra Bhagya 25th Sept Reyansh Praniti mutual decision Reyansh has gone against Baljeet and supported Praniti. This anger Baljeet a lot. Reyansh thinks of Praniti. He wants to tell her that he loves her. He misses their moments. Aman tells Reyansh that none can be like Praniti. He tells that he can see love for Praniti in Reyansh’s eyes, so its better that he should go to tell his feelings to her. He asks why is he scared to confess. Reyansh tells that he isn’t perfect for Praniti, who deserves a lot.

Maan asks him not to get into such complicated thoughts. Reyansh thanks him for the guidance. He feels that he has been wrong before. Maan confesses that he is in love with Navya. Reyansh hugs Maan and tells that he is proud of him. He just wants Maan to walk on the right path. Baljeet slaps Armaan. She doesn’t want Maan to fall in love. She asks him to stop Maan from accepting Navya. She is already troubled by Praniti.

She asks him to just stop Maan and Navya’s love story. He promises to do the needful. Riya happens to overhear their conversation. She confronts him about Navya’s pregnancy. She scolds Armaan for accusing Navya falsely. Reyansh feels he should become suitable for Praniti. Praniti meets him to thank her for taking a stand for her. She gets a cup of coffee to thank him. He tells her that he didn’t it for her. She is surprised that he stood for a woman’s respect. She compliments him. He thinks she is joking. She asks him to accept the compliment. He asks her not to withdraw the case. She gets glad. He wants Vardhan to pay for his crimes.


Baljeet finds Maan mad to support Navya. She dominates her grandsons. She asks Maan why is he meeting Navya. She tells that Reyansh had sent him to take care of Navya, not to fall in love with her. Maan gets scared of her anger. She beats him for falling for Navya. Maan finds hard to accept his love in front of her. He then admits that he loves Navya. She feels Maan is walking on Reyansh’s footsteps. Armaan and Maan get into a heated argument. Baljeet asks them not to fight for a girl. She feels Navya is the new problem in the family.

Moreover, Praniti tells Reyansh that she isn’t scared of Baljeet, but is scared that the relations will break. She doesn’t want him to suffer. She knows that he is close to his family, especially his Dadi. She knows the pain of losing loved ones. She thinks of her sorrow since she had lost Praniti. She tells him that she doesn’t care of anyone’s perception about her. She tells that she will be leaving his house in some days, she will not make new relations in his family, she is just with him for the sake of Jugnu.

She tells that she wants to set a right example for Jugnu. He doesn’t understand her philosophy. They get into a moment. She promises to not withdraw the legal complaint. They thank each other for bringing the surprise change in their lives. Reyansh doesn’t want Praniti to leave the house. He wants to explain his feelings for Praniti to Baljeet. He finds peace when he is with Praniti. He doesn’t want to lose her.

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