Yeh Rishta Inspiring Naira 25th Sept Kartik fights for Krishna

Yeh Rishta Inspiring Naira 25th Sept Kartik fights for Krishna

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Yeh Rishta Inspiring Naira 25th Sept Kartik fights for Krishna Naira takes much pain in finding Kartik. She looks for him everywhere. Naksh and Samarth look for her, being worried for her baby. They ask the watchman about the lady who came to meet Desai family. The watchman recalls Naira and informs them that she has just left to look for Desai family at the petrol pump.

Naira feels Kartik is close. She checks for Kartik in the truck and calls him out. She doesn’t get to see him. She fails in her search and gets disappointed. Her dupatta gets stuck to the truck. Kartik is still unconscious and inside the same truck. Naira finds Naksh there. She learns that he has come to take her home. Naksh informs Dadi that he will protect Naira and her baby. He asks Dadi not to worry. Naira doesn’t want him to take her home.

She is determined to find Kartik. She doesn’t reach him to take help. She thinks the family doesn’t believe her, it will be tough for her to escape from the home again if Naksh takes her. She gets hanging to the moving truck. She fails to see Kartik when the empty cartons falls aside. She sees the truck leaving. She gets a huge shock on seeing Krishna and the fraud Desai family inside. She thinks she was so close to Krishna and couldn’t help her.

She worriedly answers Naksh’s call and tries to get his help in stopping the truck, which is going towards the highway. She tries to inform him about the vital clue she just got. Naksh doesn’t listen to her. He yells at her out of worry for the baby. He tells that he wants her home, he will not let her act mad to find Kartik. He tells that its his promise to find Kartik by the help of police. He warns her to come back else he will ask the police to search for her.

She asks him to do anything he wants, but she won’t come back. She tells that she will do as she wishes. She doesn’t want Naksh to pressurize her. Naira tells that she won’t come back home until she finds Kartik. Naira boards a bus to reach the highway to find the truck in which she had seen Krishna. Someone steals her bag. She tries hard to save her stuff. She cries out that the bag contained her baby needs. She seeks help from the people.

The people find her pregnant and help her. They take her in the bus so that she reaches her destination. She misses Kartik a lot. She gets into the past memories and gets courage from Kartik’s words. Kartik has always protected her and wanted her to be fine. She thinks she is taking a big risk just to find him. She wants to prove that she is a strong mother and her baby isn’t her weakness. She goes ahead to find Kartik.

She fails to find him at the next stop. The Goenka family is worried for Kartik. They wonder why did Naksh not bring Naira home. Akhilesh informs Dadi that the police will find Naira as well. He tells that Naksh didn’t get Naira anywhere. Naira feels sorry for herself. Her shoe gets torn and leaves her hurt. She wants to drink some water to keep moving. She faces many obstacles. She becomes an example of a determined strong woman. She walks a mile and sits tired. She gets dizzy. She wants to save her baby. She cries and prays that she receives some help.

Kartik gets conscious. He tries to help Krishna. The fraud Desai family chase him with guns. Kartik’s life falls in danger. Naira gets another clue about him. She gets certain of finding him. Will she be able to save his life? Naira’s encouraging journey has been the show’s highlight today. Kartik’s entry tomorrow will be the most awaited one. There is interesting drama coming up. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishta Inspiring Naira 25th Sept Kartik fights for Krishna: 5/5
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