Kundali Bhagya 28th September Preeta gets kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 28th September Preeta gets kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 28th September Preeta gets kidnapped Mahira and Preeta have a big argument. Mahira informs her about calling a Raavan for her. She calls Pawan to the Luthra house. Pawan gets prepared to kidnap Preeta. Mahira hits Preeta and faints her down. She checks if Preeta died. She wants to get Preeta kidnapped. Karan rocks in his reception party. He gets his pictures clicked with his fans.

Pawan reaches the party as a guest and conceals his identity. Sherlyn and Shrishti meet in the party and argue. Sherlyn tries to insult her. Shrishti doesn’t want any advice from Sherlyn. Sherlyn warns her against becoming family. She wants Shrishti to just remain a guest. Sameer stops Shrishti and gets glad. They get complimenting each other. Sameer tells Shrishti that he has to share something important.

Mahira tells that Preeta doesn’t deserve to be with Karan. She tells Karan that they have everything equal, they are best for each other. She wants to surprise Karan by her looks. She hates Preeta for coming in her way. She thinks she will be meeting everyone as Mrs. Karan Luthra. She rehearses in advance. She feels sorry for Preeta. She meets Pawan. She tells him that she has been waiting for him since a long time.


Moreover, Pawan goes to kidnap Preeta. She tells him that Preeta will be unconscious for some hours. Pawan tells that none can mess up with his brother, he doesn’t spare his enemies. He looks dangerous to her. Karan and Rishabh attend the guests. Karan tells him that its impossible for him to handle all the guests. Rishabh handles everyone politely. Pawan asks Preeta to wake up. Mahira tells him that she has hit Preeta.

Pawan tells her that Prithvi loves Preeta, he will hurt himself if he knows that Preeta is hurt. He asks her to handle Preeta nicely, since she belongs to Prithvi. He threatens Mahira. She asks him to just take Preeta and leave. He warns her. Karan goes to get Preeta. Mahira tells him that Preeta shouldn’t come back ever. Pawan tells Mahira that he can do anything for his brother. He wonders how will he take Prithvi. She asks him to take Preeta from the back door. He wants to know why is Mahira against Preeta.

She tells him that Preeta cheated her and married Karan. She wants revenge on Preeta. Pawan tells that Karan has come between Prithvi and Preeta. He hates Karan and Preeta, but is helpless to keep her safe for the sake of Prithvi. He shows his anger towards Karan. Mahira gets scared and asks him to forget Karan. She asks him to not harm Karan. Pawan tells that he won’t spare Karan if he comes between Prithvi’s way again. He realizes that Mahira will snatch Preeta’s right today. Mahira tells that she will be going in the reception. He likes the swapping drama. Pawan hides Preeta from Karan. Mahira dons a veil to hide her face from Karan. Karan asks Mahira to come with her.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September Kabir’s jealousy rage: 3/5
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