Choti Sardarni Today Full Update Sarabjeet Meher mission

Choti Sardarni Today Full Update Sarabjeet Meher mission

Choti Sardarni Today Full Update Sarabjeet Meher mission Manav enquires about Meher. Aditi gets surprised to hear him. Meher and Sarabjeet fail to her him because of poor connection. Aditi asks Manav what did he mean to say. Manav apologizes to her. She asks him to remember about their wedding and relation. Manav is helpless to lie to everyone because of Surya’s request. The flashback shows Vikram shouting on Surya.

Vikram reveals that he is Manav. Surya admits that he knows his truth already. Manav asks Surya to reveal his real identity. Surya tells him that he was a helpless husband and helpless father. He tells about his son Vikram, who died in an accident. He reveals that he had to lie to his wife to keep her alive. Manav asks about his son’s death cause. He asks Surya where did he find him and what is his backstory. Surya reveals it all to Manav.

Meanwhile, Meher and Sarabjeet reach Serbia. They remember their moments from their last trip. Meher is much upset thinking of the case. Sarabjeet makes her laugh by citing the old memories. He knows that she is tensed about the future. They both miss Param and Karan. Meher wants to talk to Param. Param looks for Karan. Harleen tells him that she has sent Karan to his Nani’s place. Param wants his brother back.


Robby had suggested Harleen to get rid of Karan’s responsibility. Harleen tries to pacify Param. She tells him about Meher’s command to send Karan to his Nani. Param tells that he doesn’t get disturbed by Karan. Harleen lies to him. She asks him to have breakfast first, they shall go later. Jagga and Amrita look after Karan. Param calls them up to know if Karan is fine. He finds Karan crying a lot. He asks Amrita to make him talk to Karan. Param talks to Karan and consoles him. Karan drinks the milk on hearing Param’s poems.

Jagga and Amrita find the brothers bond strong. Param tells that he will soon come to take Karan. Kulwant thinks she got rid of Vikram, but little Karan came home instead. Sarabjeet and Meher offer prayers and wait for their lawyer. They ask about the case. The lawyer Vishal tells them about the officer’s wife Martha’s statement submitted in the court. He tells that its tough for Meher to get saved. Meher wants to know what did she say.

Sarabjeet tells that Martha has refused to accept any compensation and wants Meher to get imprisonment. Meher realizes that Martha will never listen to her. Manav gets a nightmare and finds Meher in danger. He wants to go to Meher and help her. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Vishal tells Sarabjeet that there is one way, but its impossible. Sarabjeet asks about the way, since he is ready to fight the world for Meher.

Vishal tells them that if Martha forgives Meher for the good conduct, then there is a chance that Meher gets saved from the case. Sarabjeet decides to meet Martha and convince her to forgive Meher. Meher asks for Martha’s address. She prepares to execute the tough task. Param speaks to Meher and Sarabjeet. He informs that Karan has gone to Kulwant’s house. Sarabjeet didn’t know about it. Harleen worries that she has to answer Sarabjeet about her move to send Karan.

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