Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September Review Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September Review Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September Review Update Naira takes the help from the local man. She wants to call the family and tell them about the vital clues she found. She asks him for a phone to make a call. She wants to inform that she is going to the factory to find Kartik. The man tells her that his phone doesn’t have any recharge balance. She asks him how can she reach the factory soon. He tells her that the factory is 30 kms away. He tells that she can’t even go by walk, she can’t find any transport.

She asks him to arrange a vehicle, she can give her ring to him in exchange. He agrees to take the ring. He arranges a scooter and shoes for her. Naira thanks him and begins her journey. Krishna throws the spices box to give a lead to Naira. Kartik knows Naira will never accept defeat. He wishes that she loses and go back home. He promises to save Krishna and bring her home. Naira doesn’t want to go home without him. She recalls their beautiful memories.

They both miss each other and cry, daydreaming and wishing that they get back together. They feel their presence. He tells that he will come back to her at any cost. The police informs Goenka family that Krishna is informed by a criminal family. Goenka family is shocked. Naksh realizes that Naira’s doubt was right, she was certain that Kartik is kidnapped by Desai family. He blames himself for not trusting her.

Inspector tells him that none can know such criminals’ truth, since they are good in deceive. He tells them that they can’t take action until they get proof. He tells the family that Desai family have taken many girls from the orphanage by adoption process and sold the girls. He tells that its a big racket. Dadi cries and wants Krishna to be safe. She realizes that Krishna learnt this truth and called Kartik for help. They all wish for Kartik’s safety.

Naira wishes that she reaches the factory soon. The tyre gets punctured. Naira gets worried. Krishna blindfolds Kartik on the goon’s saying. The goon ties up Kartik and Krishna’s hands. A lady meets Naira and asks for some food. Naira gives away some food and asks her way for a mode of transport. The lady helps her. She sees Naira’s missing poster. She realizes that Naira is a lottery for her. She informs someone about Naira.

She goes to call the kidnappers. Goon prepares to send Krishna away. Krishna cries and tells Kartik that she doesn’t want to go anywhere. Kartik feels helpless. The lady takes Naira with her. She tells that she will take her to the factory. The lady turns out to be an evil woman. She calls the kidnappers to deal for Naira’s coming baby. The kidnapper asks for the baby. The lady tells that she will feed medicines to Naira to get her delivery done. She tells that she will get the baby but she wants much money. The kidnapper agrees.

The lady adds a pill in the water bottle. She asks Naira to have the water. Naira doubts on the lady. She throws the water bottle. She tries to escape. The lady shouts to stop her. Naira runs away. The lady informs the kidnapper that Naira is running away. She calls some goons to catch her. Kartik opens his ropes and gets free. He bashes up the goons. He takes Krishna. He runs away to find Naira. He doesn’t want Naira to fall into some trouble. He thinks to reach Naira before she reaches the kidnapper’s hideout. Kartik and Naira reach the temple at the same time. Will they meet at the temple? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September Review Update: Interesting twists today. The scenes make sense, while taking the story further. Tomorrow’s episode shall be the most awaited. 5/5
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