Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th Sept Update Kabir’s big shocker

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th Sept Update Kabir's big shocker

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th Sept Update Kabir’s big shocker Riddhima and Vansh catch Ishani just before the latter’s escape. Dadi berates Aryan and Ishani for their act to shame the family. Vansh reprimands Aryan for his huge lie. He didn’t expect Aryan to stoop so low, to receive money from Ishani and help her get away from the family. Aryan doesn’t want to face Vansh’s wrath alone. He puts the blame on Ishani as well.

He later accuses Riddhima. Ishani feels Aryan is spineless, she can’t expect him to support her. She gets angered. Vansh defends his wife as always. He has completely fallen in love with Riddhima. He can’t hear a word against her. He tells Aryan that he has got the blank cheque in his room, which is a good proof against him. Dadi shows her rage on Aryan. She threatens to oust him from the family if he creates any such mess again.

Moreover, Vansh is thankful to Riddhima for saving his family respect and pride. He feels if Ishani ran away then he was answerable to Angre. He tells her that she had earlier saved his life and now his family respect as well. He enquires about her tension. She has shared his problem and solved it too. He wants her to make it equal. He asks her to share her problem. Riddhima doesn’t want to cheat Vansh.


She decides to tell him about her past. Vansh stops her from saying anything about the past. He tells her that they should better move on and stay happy. The moment of bliss between them makes Kabir enraged. Vansh tells Riddhima that he has no interest or any right on her past, he doesn’t think it matters in any way. Their togetherness in the present time matters to him. He advises her to enjoy the marital bliss by accepting him.

They have a romantic moment. Ishani gets jealous to see them happy. She wants to ruin Riddhima’s life. She holds Riddhima responsible for stopping her in the nick of time and failing her escape plan. Kabir is also against Riddhima and Vansh’s growing bond. Dadi wants Vansh and Riddhima to perform the rituals for Ishani. Pandit advises them to have the wedding symbols before performing the rituals. Vansh doesn’t let Riddhima apologize, since she forgot to apply the vermilion. He knows that she believes in their marriage and always carries the vermilion.

Vansh tells Riddhima that he had seen her nuptial chain on her dressing table. He takes her permission before making her adorn it. Riddhima lets him apply the vermilion and tie the nuptial chain. Kabir gets hell bent to separate them. He can’t watch them happy together. He thinks its the worst moment to see Riddhima falling for Vansh.

Vansh and Riddhima grace the ceremony with their lovely union and perform the rituals. They have sweet moments. Their eyelocks and romantic gestures prick Kabir’s heart. Anupriya feels Kabir’s plans have backfired. She asks him to watch the result of Riddhima and Vansh’s bonding. She feels Riddhima has fallen for Vansh by forgetting Kabir. She has no idea about Kabir’s new plans. Kabir knows Riddhima is getting blind in love, but he knows a way to control her. He knows her heart, which will be loyal to him. He wants to remind Riddhima her loyalty and commitment towards him.

Kabir feels things are going haywire, he should take some action before he loses the battle. Riddhima informs Dadi about decorating Ishani’s room for the wedding night. Vansh fails to manage his work without Angre. He yells on a phone call. Dadi tells Riddhima that Vansh stays angry when he is empty stomach. She finds Riddhima and Vansh similar, since they both didn’t find time to have any food while finishing their responsibilities towards Ishani. Riddhima prepares a dinner surprise for Vansh after assuring Dadi that she will take care of Vansh.

Riddhima gets to know Vansh and his habits well. She stops finding anything wrong in him. Kabir plans to use his trump card to break down Riddhima. Riddhima and Vansh spend some quality time together. Kabir plays a big move to hinder them. He reveals his real identity to Riddhima. He tells her that he had been living as Devraj around her to see if she is doing her work. He confronts her for forgetting her mission and reaching Vansh’s heart. He rebukes her for the cheat and makes her feel guilty. Vansh looks for her. She gets worried that Vansh would be seeing her with Kabir. What will Riddhima answer Kabir? Keep reading.

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