Choti Sardaarni Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Spoilers

Choti Sardaarni Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Spoilers

Choti Sardaarni Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Spoilers Kabir decides to confront Riddhima and reminds her that she is committed to him. He tells her that she has to focus on her mission. He emotionally blackmails her. He asks her what about their love and their relationship. He scolds her for falling in love with Vansh when she claimed to sacrifice her life for Kabir. He tells that love is a beautiful feeling, which she is having for Vansh.

He tells that she has crossed the limits of love, she has cheated him. He tells that he didn’t ask such a big price for her love, she has herself went against her word. Riddhima gets worried. Vansh asks Riddhima why is she tensed. Riddhima doesn’t think that Vansh has killed Ragini. She remembers his words that he didn’t kill Ragini. Kabir tells her that Vansh has killed many people. She gets trapped in their words.

She wants to get out of her illusion. She loses her focus and gets her dupatta on fire unknowingly. Vansh finds her crying. He then sees her in danger. He worriedly saves her life. He tells Riddhima that he is with her and none can cause any harm to her. He assures her that he will always be with her. Riddhima falls for Vansh further. What will Riddhima decide now?


Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet gets caught when he is disguised as a domestic help. Param lands in huge trouble when he takes help from strangers. Martha lets Sarabjeet and Meher in but insults them. She stops Sarabjeet from sitting on the couch. She demeans him, which seems bad to Meher. Meher knows Sarabjeet’s richness and the reason for what he is obeying Martha’s command. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to become a servant for her sake. She feels sorry for him. She takes a stand for Sarabjeet, who agrees to take Martha’s orders. Martha asks Meher to leave the house if she disagrees. Meher doesn’t listen to Martha and keeps her stand strong.


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