Yeh Rishta 1st October 2020 Update Kartik’s baby arrival

Yeh Rishta 1st October 2020 Update Kartik's baby arrival

Yeh Rishta 1st October 2020 Update Kartik’s baby arrival Dadi plans to welcome Kartik and Naira. She happily makes a Rangoli. Suwarna tells her that Kartik and Naira have come. The family rushes to the door to welcome the couple. Dadi is much excited to see them. Akhilesh comes home alone. He appears sad. The family asks him about Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh informs them about Naira’s labor pain. He tells that he just dropped Kartik and Naira at the hospital and came home to inform them.

He asks them to come along to the hospital to encourage Naira in the hour of need. The family learns that the new member is going to come. They get glad and rush to the hospital. Kartik accompanies Naira for the tests. He gets stressed to hear the delivery process. Naira asks him what will he do when he comes along to witness her delivery. He tells that he is just practicing to support her. He wants to motivate her for giving birth to their lioness. She tells him that delivery pain is unmeasurable.

Kartik gets emotional that she underwent such pain to give him Kairav. He is thankful to her for giving him Kairav and now this baby. He tells that he will welcome his daughter into the world. He wonders why isn’t the doctor coming. Naira suggests that they go home since the pain has disappeared. He wants to get the tests done to take extra precautions. She agrees to him on a condition that he will get her favorite icecream.


He promises to give her an icecream treat. She demands it right away. He refuses to her. Nurse scolds him for being such a husband who can’t fulfill his wife’s little demand. She explains that its husband’s duty to fulfill his pregnant wife’s craving. Kartik unwillingly leaves from there. He gets to meet his family at the entrance. Dadi happily hugs him. She cries seeing his injuries.

She asks him how did he get hurt. Kartik reveals that he got hurt while saving Krishna and other girls. The family is proud of him. He tells them that he is going out to fulfill Naira’s demand. The family laughs knowing Naira has threatened him for icecream. Kartik goes away, while Krishna meets Goenka family. Dadi doesn’t like Krishna’s presence. She wants Krishna away from Kartik and Naira. Naira awaits her favorite icecream. She meets the family, who wishes her all the best for her delivery.

Naira undergoes labor pain. The family worriedly calls the doctor. Kartik gets her favorite icecream. He realizes that he got late. He sees the family loving a baby. He wonders if Naira delivered the baby in his absence. Nurse takes the baby with her. Kartik rushes to ask the nurse about his baby. He takes the baby and plays. He tells that his daughter is so cute. He feels Naira and family forgot his wish that he wanted to welcome his daughter into the world. Nurse asks him to give the baby. He refuses to her. He gets crazy on seeing the baby.

The family explains that the baby doesn’t belong to him, they were just loving someone’s baby. Naira teases Kartik. She tells him that her delivery didn’t happen yet, the labor pain got fade away, there is still time. Kartik tells that the family made him emotional for no reason. He asks Naira to be careful since the pain has started to appear. He prepares to welcome his daughter. He tells that they can book a room in the hospital and stay there until the baby’s birth. Naira thinks he likes hospitals.

She refuses to stay in the hospital. She threatens to go to her Maayka if he troubles her again. Kartik agrees to take her home. Dadi takes Kartik and Naira home. She welcomes them. She tells them that Krishna can’t stay in their family. Kartik exclaims that Krishna has suffered a lot, its their duty to protect her.

He convinces Dadi with difficulty. Kartik and Naira spend time with the family. They get glad to meet Krish. They miss out Kairav and Vansh. Krishna gets introduced to Krish. Later, Kartik and Naira have few romantic moments and celebrate their togetherness. Naira gets into labor again and is rushed to hospital for the delivery. Kartik takes pills for his injuries and falls asleep. He doesn’t know about Naira’s delivery. Will he reach Naira in time to welcome his baby? What do you think? If you loves this episode, comment below. Keep reading for more.

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