Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Review Update

Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Review Update

Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Review Update Komolika wants to know from the goons if Anurag and Prerna are dead. She wants Anurag to let Prerna die, so that they can stay happy together. She feels Anurag is really mad to support Prerna. Prerna asks Anurag why is he lying so much. Anurag tells her that Mr. Bajaj got her to the farmhouse as per the plan so that she sees Komolika and him together to get heartbroken. He reveals that he had informed the plan to Mr. Bajaj and took his help to send Prerna to London.

He tells that it was Komolika’s plan to separate Anurag and Prerna. Anurag was ready to give away property to Komolika. He had pleaded Komolika a lot, but she didn’t change her mind. Mr. Bajaj advised Anurag to just break Prerna’s heart and makes Prerna hate him so that she chooses to leave from his life. Komolika wanted Anurag to marry her and break Prerna’s trust. Komolika had planned Anurag and Prerna’s separation by faking the murder attempt.


Mr. Bajaj advised him to make Prerna believe that he can kill her, he was just eyeing her property and faked love towards her. He told Anurag that he will take care of Prerna after Anurag pushes her down the bridge. He promised to take Prerna away from their lives. Komolika threatened Anurag to choose Prerna’s life or just see her in the jail. She promised Anurag to send away Prerna and Sneha safely.

Mr. Bajaj liked her plan, since he was getting Prerna with her. Prerna can’t believe that Mr. Bajaj knew everything. She feels deceived. Anurag tells Prerna that he had told Mr. Bajaj about picking Sneha from the orphanage. He reveals that Mr. Bajaj advised him that this is the right way if he wants to protect her. He was glad that Mr. Bajaj is protecting her. He was trusting Mr. Bajaj, who truly loves her.

Moreover, Anurag knew Mr. Bajaj would support her and make her a strong person. He reveals that Mr. Bajaj loves her, he had his own greed in helping him in the plan. He tells that he had tried to know about her by calling Mr. Bajaj, who changed and turned selfish. He tells that Mr. Bajaj ignored his calls and never updated him about her. He wants her to believe him. Prerna blindly believes Mr. Bajaj. Anurag wants her to trust him once.

Anurag reveals that he had taken care of Veena in Prerna’s absence, but he failed to stay in touch with Sharma family all the time. He wanted to keep his promise to Rajesh. He tells that he was against Ronit and Shivani’s marriage, since Ronit isn’t a nice guy. He also didn’t know that Samidha is Sneha. He swears to make Prerna trust him. Prerna finds hard to digest the truth. He realizes that his deceive was too big. He tells that he carries all the evidences in his favor, he was helpless to cheat her, but now he isn’t helpless. He tells that he has the video of Viraj’s murder.

Furthermore, Anurag exposes Mr. Bajaj and Komolika’s plan, who wanted to separate them. He wants Prerna to watch the video once. Anurag shows the video to her. He tells that Komolika had threatened him by this video. Prerna melts down on seeing the evidences. Anurag tells her that Mr. Bajaj is also against them. He didn’t know that even Chandrika has joined hands with Komolika. He is thankful to Priyanka for the help. He wants Prerna to come back to him. Prerna hugs him and forgives him for every wrong he did with a good intention.

Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Anurag and Prerna confess love to each other. They find peace after a long time. Their good moment changes into a shocking one when the goons arrive there to kill them. On the other side, Mr. Bajaj reaches Basu house to meet Komolika. Anupam meets him to know the matter between the two. Mr. Bajaj confronts Komolika about harming Prerna. Nivedita learns Komolika’s misdeed. Mr. Bajaj tells Komolika that she will be safe until Prerna is safe. He threatens to kill Komolika if anything happens to Prerna. Anurag gets injured when the goons attack him. He fights with them.

Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Review Update

Prerna supports Anurag. They make the goons run for their lives. Anurag and Prerna unite and return home to face Komolika, who threatens to kill Prerna in the presence of entire family. She goes to stab Prerna in her madness, while Mr. Bajaj comes to front to save Prerna. Will Mr. Bajaj get stabbed and die? Will he repent for his misdeeds of supporting Komolika? Keep reading for Kasauti’s last episode tomorrow.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kasautii Finale Bajaj to die 2nd October Review Update: 5/5 Anurag and Prerna’s conversation went long, but worthy. Mr. Bajaj’s final appearance and sacrifice will be remembered. Another positive cameo of Anupam seen today. Anupam and Nivedita will also be uniting in tomorrow’s episode.
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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