Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th October 2020 Written Update Vansh tests Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th October 2020 Written Update Vansh tests Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th October 2020 Written Update Vansh tests Riddhima Vansh questions Kabir about his identity. Riddhima is worried that Vansh will see Kabir’s face and identify him. Kabir doesn’t remove his face shield. Vansh doesn’t let the matter end so easily, since Siya got too hurt. He tells that so much happened behind his back, none is caring towards Siya. He wants everyone in the family to take up responsibility in his absence.

He is relieved that nothing happened to Siya, but it could have been a big accident if Siya didn’t get help in time. He takes the task in hand. He stops everyone from leaving to put them into interrogation zone. He tells them that nobody will move until he is done with his questions. He tells that once he finds out the truth, everything will be clear. Dadi comes to Kabir’s rescue. She reveals that Kabir is the new helper, Badrinath.

Vansh decides to find out whatever happened in the house in his absence. He tells that even his family won’t leave the mansion until he permits. He wants them to wait for some time to see the culprit themselves. He tells that they shall see who has hurt Siya and why. Riddhima is tensed that Vansh knows about Kabir and her relation. Riddhima has total faith on Vansh when Vansh tells her that he has got Sejal with him. She thinks he has rescued Sejal from Anupriya.


Meanwhile, Kabir fills her ears against Vansh. He tells her that Vansh has kidnapped Sejal and may have learnt the truth of their relationship. Riddhima gets worried to think of it. Kabir tells her that Vansh is too smart and maybe planning something. Riddhima doesn’t want to get caught by Vansh. She now loves Vansh and wants to be with him. Kabir realizes that she is madly in love with Vansh and defending him so much. He gets angry, but counts on her to get information from Vansh. He asks her to find out Vansh’s plans so that they both stay safe. Riddhima agrees to Kabir.

Anupriya gets tensed thinking Vansh got to know their secret and will expose Kabir. She panics further. Kabir tells her that Vansh is just playing mind games with them, they shouldn’t worry if Vansh is just suspecting. He wants Anupriya to keep her cool and not make any mistake. Vansh declares that he will bring out the truth, every secret out, which makes the family worried. Riddhima meets Vansh. Vansh finds her too nervous.

He tells her that he didn’t see her so nervous before. Riddhima tells him that she wants to meet Sejal. She asks Vansh to help her in finding Sejal. He asks her why is she so curious. He asks her to keep some patience. She is terrified with Vansh’s calm behavior, feeling he is stopping a storm within. Will sharp-minded Vansh catch up Riddhima’s lie? Vansh gets to learn about Kabir and Riddhima’s truth when he finds them together in the bedroom. He realizes that Riddhima’s true face isn’t of loyalty, but deceive. He shouts at Riddhima for cheating him.

Riddhima tries to explain him, but fails. Riddhima doesn’t want to lose Vansh. Vansh and Riddhima’s separation get on cards. Kabir wins the perfect game to instil love between them and then hatred. Aryan isn’t scared of getting exposed to Vansh. He prepares to lie to Vansh and fool him further. Vansh really plays mind games with everyone in the family to shake them up about the secrets hidden in their hearts. He tells them that he will be getting the secrets out at once. He gets rude towards Riddhima, which makes her worried. She feels much guilty seeing his changed behavior.

Vansh conceals his plans from Riddhima too. She tries hard to win his trust. He gets rude towards her. She wants to know about Sejal so that she learns if Sejal told anything to Vansh. Vansh doesn’t tell her anything. He informs that Sejal is safe. Riddhima is worried that Vansh is going to bring out the truth, maybe regarding Kabir and her. The upcoming episode will unravel many twists to come.

Furthermore, Vansh suspects Riddhima on hearing her phone conversation with Kabir. Riddhima asks Kabir to just go away from VR mansion before Vansh catches him. Anupriya also advises the same to him. Vansh summons everyone to reveal the big secret. What is the secret? So much thrill in the episode seen. Vansh catches hold of Kabir who hides thinking Vansh didn’t spot him around. Vansh exposes Riddhima and Kabir’s affair truth. Riddhima and Kabir’s relation’s truth breaks Vansh’s heart. Vansh will be breaking his relation with Riddhima. What will Vansh do to them? Keep reading.

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