Barrister Babu 13th October 2020 Written Update Anirudh cued

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2020 Written Update Bondita exposes Saudamini

Barrister Babu 13th October 2020 Written Update Anirudh cued Tara Bai asks the girls to take Bondita for the dance. Bondita isn’t aware of her intentions. Bondita look for the slate which Anirudh gave her. He wants to find Bondita and spreads the posters. She makes a new friend Haseena in the brothel. She doesn’t know Haseena’s sorrow. She looks forward to meet Anirudh.

She learns that Haseena’s real name is Sampoorna. She misses her sister Sampoorna. She stays worried for Sumati, whom she left in an ailing state. She is happy to have Sampoorna with her. She is amazed when Tara Bai sends new ghungroos for her. Bondita asks the purpose for it. The girls tell her that the ghungroos are a power tool for dancers, they can give a rocking performance wearing the ghungroos and attract anyone’s attention.

Bondita takes it in right sense, since she is clean minded. She innocently asks if the ghungroos sound will bring her husband as well. She tells that she is ready to dance wearing the ghungroos if Anirudh will come to meet her. She ties up new hopes once again. Anirudh is much worried for Bondita. His search doesn’t seem to end. Tara Bai doesn’t want Bondita to rebel. She thinks of an idea to sell her to the clients and get money, rather than keeping her captive all her life in the brothel and bear her rebellious tantrums.

She tries to evaluate the profits that would come if she sells away Bondita. She wants to prepare Bondita for a special dance performance so that she looks appealing to the clients. She plans to auction Bondita. She asks the girls to groom Bondita well so that they get more money. Bondita doesn’t realize what is happening with her. She gets decked up in the clothes sent by Tara Bai. Bondita’s trust happens to show effect.

She wants to meet Anirudh and apologize to her. Anirudh loses Bondita’s sketch. He runs after the sketch. He wants to save it from the diya fire. Anirudh gets the sketch near the Durga pandal. He learns about the Durga puja happening. He worships the Goddess to get his wife back. He tells that he will ring the temple bell until his prayer is fulfilled. He doesn’t want to give up. He tests his devotion. He soon learns about the sweets order made from the brothel for a girl. He realizes the choice of sweets same as Bondita’s likes. He learns about the person who bought the sweets. He suspects that the person took the sweets for Bondita only.

Anirudh thinks his prayers are answered. He wants to find out Bondita at any cost. There will be major drama with Anirudh finding Bondita at the brothel when Tara Bai presents her for the auction in front of the clients. Anirudh will feel helpless and angered on himself for putting his wife in such worse situation. How will Anirudh rescue Bondita from Tara Bai’s clutches? When will Rasila come into picture to help Anirudh and Bondita unite? Rasila challenges Tara Bai.

She makes a prediction that someone is coming to ruin Tara Bai’s kingdom. She tells about Anirudh, who will put an end to Tara Bai’s cruel rule. Tara keeps her away from Bondita, knowing Rasila has a soft corner for Bondita. Rasila curses Tara to face destruction soon. Tara doesn’t think anyone can dare to defeat her. Anirudh will be destroying Tara Bai’s evil kingdom. Tara is the one who had ordered the sweets to convince Bondita to obey her. Will Anirudh track Tara Bai’s address and reach Bondita? Keep reading.

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