Barrister Babu 19th October 2020 Written Update Bondita escapes

Barrister Babu 19th October 2020 Written Update Bondita escapes

Barrister Babu 19th October 2020 Written Update Bondita escapes Anirudh barges into the brothel in search of Bondita. Rasiya doesn’t know that Bondita is really in the brothel and hinders him. Tara Bai doesn’t let him see Bondita. Anirudh shouts a lot, which makes Bondita hear him. She gets restless to see if its really him. Bondita feels trapped and runs to see him. She also shouts to make her voice reach him. Anirudh and Bondita fail to meet because of Tara Bai. Later, Bondita finds a way to leave from Tara Bai’s brothel.

She lights up some coal to spread the smoke around. She shouts aloud that there is fire catching up in the room. Tara Bai comes to her rescue. Bondita cleverly distracts her. She hugs her saying she is much scared. She takes the keys from Tara Bai. Tara Bai asks her to not worry. She calls Surayya. She complains about the fire. Tara Bai alerts all the girls in the brothel to safeguard themselves. She checks for the fire.

She doesn’t get to see anything. Till then, Bondita unlocks the door and reaches Haseena/Sampoorna. She frees her from the ropes and takes her along. She tells Sampoorna that she will not let Tara Bai cage them. She takes Sampoorna out of the brothel. The girls run out.

Rasiya gets to see Bondita running out with Sampoorna. She tells that they have come out of Tara Bai’s place. She asks Sampoorna to just run as fast as she can. Rasiya feels proud to see Bondita escaping. She praises Bondita for her bravery and also goodness to help Sampoorna. She asks Bondita to fly away and never come back into the cage. Bondita feels happy to get her freedom. Tara Bai finds the burning coal and realizes that little Bondita cheated her. She asks her goons to rush after the girls and catch them.

Anirudh is also on the streets, shouting out to Bondita that he has come to her rescue. Bondita and Sampoorna hide from Tara Bai’s goons. Anirudh fails to see them. Anirudh goes to call Binoy and take his help in getting a search warrant issued. He wants to search for Bondita in the brothel. He requests Binoy to arrange help for him. Binoy agrees to him, with an intention to cheat him.

Binoy tells him that he is ready to help him in finding Bondita, which makes Anirudh happy. He doesn’t want Bondita to return home and make Anirudh a revolutionary again. He wants Anirudh to marry Saudamini, who would be taking him away to London. He dreams big for Anirudh and thinks Bondita is nothing but an obstacle. Anirudh hopes that Binoy sends help soon. He promises to find Bondita.

Meanwhile, Rasiya thinks Bondita has run away and will never return. She tries to mislead Tara Bai, who realizes that Bondita has fooled her in order to free Sampoorna. Tara Bai loses her cool. Bondita happens to see Saudamini in the nearby area. She makes Sampoorna run away to save her life. She gets stuck there. Saudamini sees her and ignores her. She leaves Bondita in the hell. She doesn’t want Bondita to come back in Anirudh’s life. She wishes Anirudh and Bondita get separated forever.

She goes away leaving Bondita behind. Bondita gets caught by Tara Bai’s men and is brought back to the brothel. She speaks up to call Tara Bai a devil. She gets against Tara Bai and rebels a lot, which angers the latter. Bondita tells that she isn’t scared of anyone, she will just speak the truth. Tara Bai decides to punish her. How will Bondita get saved from Tara Bai? Keep reading.

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