Barrister Babu 21st October 2020 Written Update Bondita wants Anirudh back

Barrister Babu 21st October 2020 Written Update Bondita wants Anirudh back

Barrister Babu 21st October 2020 Written Update Bondita wants Anirudh back Bondita doesn’t get scared of Tara Bai. She tells Tara Bai that when Durga Visarjan happens, she will be going to her husband’s house. She is sure that its just two days separation between Anirudh and her. Tara Bai mocks her. She asks Bondita how will she go when she has lost her husband already. She breaks Bondita’s courage by calling Anirudh dead. Bondita doesn’t believe her. She has full faith that Anirudh is alive and he will come back for her sake. She tells Tara Bai that Anirudh is alive. She challenges Tara Bai.

Anirudh gets dumped outside the brothel. Some people take him in a cart. Anirudh gets taken away from the Hira Mandi. Bondita prays that someone helps him and cures his wounds. Anirudh gets timely help. Bondita dresses up as a bride. She wants to get back to her husband. She regards him a God himself.

She tells Tara Bai that Anirudh will come back. She worships Durga Maa. She gets Rasiya and Ramayya on her side. Rasiya is also sure that Bondita and Anirudh can together defeat Tara Bai and ruin her evil kingdom. Tara Bai stays unaffected. Bondita’s prayers reach Anirudh. He gets rescued by some men, who treat him. Anirudh gains consciousness and remembers Bondita. Check this space for a detailed update and more news.

Bondita gets help from Ramayya who lets her go out to see Anirudh. Bondita breaks a wall to reach outside. She feels bad seeing Anirudh wounded. She shouts for help. Bondita tries to find a way. She can’t see Anirudh in such a bad state. Rasiya rebels against Tara Bai. She thinks Anirudh will bring doom for Tara Bai. She wants Tara Bai to spare Bondita and Anirudh’s lives. Tara Bai doesn’t listen to her. She tortures Rasiya. She doesn’t listen to Rasiya. Rasiya is sure that Bondita will save Anirudh’s life.

She doesn’t think Tara can cause any harm. Tara Bai angrily ties her up so that she doesn’t help Bondita. Bondita gets caught by Surayya, while Tara Bai asks her men to throw away Anirudh for the wild animals’ feast. Tara Bai thinks he will not receive any help and ultimately die. Bondita faints in shock. Trilochan makes prayers for Bondita and Anirudh’s lives and safety. Tara Bai thinks Anirudh had died and Bondita’s courage will end. Bondita shocks her by showing her strong avatar.

Trilochan gets the shocking news from a known person. He learns that Anirudh got killed by Tara Bai. He can’t believe this. He is shattered to know this. Saudamini overhears the truth that Anirudh is dead. She goes in shock. She gets angered that unlucky Bondita has become a reason for Anirudh’s death. Trilochan has much grief to know that the person can seen Anirudh dead and the news is confirmed. Saudamini cries her heart out that she lost her Anirudh. She gets revengeful against Bondita. She wants Bondita’s life to turn into hell in Hira Mandi.

Trilochan and Binoy have an argument on knowing that Anirudh passed away. They get blaming each other. Anirudh gets saved by Saurabh, who reaches him in time. Bondita rebels further against Tara Bai. Saurabh tells Anirudh how he found him and saved his life by getting timely treatment. Anirudh is thankful to him. He tells that he will save Bondita from the brothel by making a proper plan this time. He doesn’t want to lose senses in anger. Anirudh and Saurabh get together to save Bondita.

Saurabh asks him to inform family about his survival. Trilochan regrets a lot for his actions. Binoy too cries a lot, that he lost his son. Tara Bai asks Bondita to get Anirudh back to life. Anirudh wants to use his death news to trick Tara Bai in his rescue plans. Anirudh soon calls up Trilochan to inform him that he is alive. He reveals how Saurabh saved his life. Trilochan feels bad to insult Saurabh before.

Anirudh tells that he will save Bondita from the brothel and bring her home. He asks Trilochan to just encourage him. Trilochan wants Anirudh to do his duty and protect his wife. He blesses Anirudh. He wants Anirudh to just bring Bondita home and stay safe himself. Anirudh promises Trilochan that he won’t risk his life again. Trilochan gets emotional and cries with joy that Anirudh is fine. Tara Bai finds a new way to torture Bondita, while Anirudh makes an amazing plan to trick Tara Bai.

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