Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update Anupama empowers herself

Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update Anupama empowers herself

Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update Anupama empowers herself Anupama tells Devika that she was a queen in her sight when she had Vanraj’s love with her. She feels the dark night has turned her into nothing. She feels her life has also turned dark post Vanraj’s deceive. She shares her pain with Devika. She tells the difference that came in her life in a moment. She feels she is empty handed now. Devika cries on seeing her pain and hearing her speech.

Anupama tells that she has always supported the family. She had made Paritosh’s life better by being a responsible mother. She wants to make her life better now by taking responsibility of herself. She tells that she will now live for herself. She wants to remind herself that even that she has to live for herself, she isn’t a strong person. She tells that no woman in the world is weak.


Devika likes her spirit. Anupama sees Devika’s tattoo, I m enough. Devika writes the same line on Anupama’s hand. She asks Anupama to remember that she is Anupama first and then her roles in others’ lives. Anupama wants to be herself than Anupama Vanraj Shah. Devika empowers her. Anupama tells that she had met herself for some time when Devika took her to friends. She wants to find herself and meet herself forever this time. Devika didn’t know that Anupama would handle herself so soon.

Anupama shows the strength of a mother. She can’t break down if her husband cheats her and their marriage of 25 years. She is still the same Anupama, the perfect homemaker, the perfect person, who can fix anything. Anupama shouts her name, while the sunrise showers the rays on her face. Anupama is glad that sunrise has finally happened for her to make a new start. She wants to start a new life. Devika shows her the temple, from where even the Goddess is signing her support for Anupama by ringing the bells. Anupama prays at the temple to find her own identity.

She never thought or prayed for herself. She wants to learn everything. She knows her journey will be tough from here. She prays for strength and courage. She asks Devika to drop her home. She wants her answers from Vanraj. Devika agrees to her and drops her home. Moreover, Anupama reaches back and finds her identity lost in her house. She just gets to see Vanraj’s name all the over the place.

She doesn’t want to carry more of his name’s burden. She cries seeing the marriage mandap. Bapu ji stays worried for Anupama. He finds Anupama working normally in the kitchen and doing her work of cooking food for the family. He meets her to bless her. He was broken too to see her shattered state. He wants her to take some rest. She apologizes for troubling everyone. He tells that he was worried for her. He wants to know the matter which shocked her senses to the core and ruined her happiness.

Anupama doesn’t want to reveal anything. She tells that she feels light now. She takes care of his health. He tells her that he should take rest. She has much work already. He scolds her like a father and sends her to rest. She doesn’t want to punish her treasured relations. She waits for Vanraj to wake up so that she can confront him. Kavya faces Anupama and feels guilty. She is scared to see Anupama’s angry stare.

She realizes her mistake. She gets away from Anupama’s sight. Nandini is glad to see Anupama fine. She scares Kavya further. She was sure that Kavya will suffer the most when Vanraj and Kavya’s affair gets known. Bapu ji cheers up Anupama. Anupama gets happy to see the ones who love her selflessly. Surprisingly, even Baa shows much affection towards Anupama. The children wake up and look for Anupama.

They get glad to see Anupama fine. Samar realizes Anupama is hiding something from them. He knows her very well. Anupama gets happy to get her family with her. She unites with them. She wants to always treasure her special relations. Nandini is much happy to see the family united. Anupama doesn’t want them to cry more for her. Kavya is worried to see Anupama’s confronting stare.

Anupama wants to see Vanraj. She asks the children to not worry for her. Her children take her to Vanraj. Vanraj is stunned to face her. He comes up with a lie, but she doesn’t fall in his words. He asks her if she will divorce him. She wants to decide for her own life.

Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update Anupama empowers herself

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