Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2020 Written Update Gehna insulted

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th November 2020

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2020 Written Update Gehna insulted Kanak watches the cake to pick the piece in which the earring is hidden. The waiter takes away the cake. Hema tells that they have to check all the plates to find the earring. Gehna looks after the guests and attends them well. Anant feels Gehna is so caring. He tells that she takes care of the family. He wants to know about hardworking Gehna.

He learns that Praful met her at the village guest house, where Gehna’s dad used to work as the caretaker. He tells that Gehna used to come there with her dad, a goon wanted to kill him, but Gehna’s dad came to his rescue. He tells that Gehna’s dad got stabbed by that goon and died. He has got Gehna home, since he wanted to pay back the favor of her dad. He didn’t wish to leave her with Gopi Kaka who lost his memory.


Anant tells that they can never forget the favor of Gehna’s dad. Hema and Kanak try to find the earring. Urmila coughs after having the cake. They run to see if Urmila got the earring. They don’t get the earring. Gehna does her work. Anant meets her to thank her for the hard work. He asks her to have the piece of cake. He knows that she is worried for the earring. He asks her not to worry, since few things get lost some times.

Gehna prays to get the earring. She finds the earring in the cake. She is thankful that she got the earring. She runs back to the party. She wants to wear the earring. She tells Kanak that she got the earring. Kanak lies that she had put the earring to help her. Pankaj asks Praful about the cheque amount. Anant asks them to talk at home. Kokila is happy that Gehna got the earring and kept her trust. She praises Gehna.

She tells Praful that Gehna does a lot for him. She asks him to secure Gehna’s future also. Praful tells that he has thought about everything already. Gopi is lost. She tells Kokila that she wants to have some fresh air. Kanak tries to insult Gehna and show her place. She makes the dirty mud fall over Gehna’s face. Kokila takes a stand for Gehna. Gopi learns that Gehna’s Gopi Kaka is Ahem.

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