Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2020 Written Update Kairav turns negative

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2020 Written Update Kairav turns negative

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2020 Written Update Kairav turns negative towards Krishna Dadi rages at Krishna for hurting Akshara. She misunderstands Krishna. She angers Manish further. Kairav also gets against Krishna. Naira wants Krishna not to make any mistake. Krishna gets hurt by Dadi’s sharp comments. Dadi insults Krishna. Krishna makes an apology. Dadi refuses to hand over the baby to Naira, who is just concerned for Krishna.

There is much tension in the family. Manish is habitual to get his mood spoiled because of Krishna. Dadi decides to oust Krishna if any kid in the family gets hurt. The boys find a way to oust Krishna. They want Krishna to make a mistake so that she leaves from the house. Meanwhile, Kartik and Naira prepare the kids for Ram Leela.

Dadi wants to give special gifts to the kids to make the day memorable. Manish tells Dadi about some guests coming to see the kids’ skit. Dadi wants everything to go well. She assures that she will limit Krishna. Krishna helps the boys for the skit. Kairav isn’t scared of anything. He thinks he has done his work well. He doesn’t want to cheat his parents.


Kartik and Naira have a moment again while they get deck up for Ram Leela. Kartik invites the media and the society head. Manish fears that everyone will question about Krishna. It gets revealed that Kartik and Naira have adopted Krishna. They get praised that they have done a noble deed. Dadi gets happy to see everyone praising Kartik. Kairav wants to take his sister. Krishna tells that she will handle the baby.

Furthermore, Kartik and Naira tell that Kairav handles the baby well like an experienced person. Manish doesn’t want Kairav to get hurt. Suwarna prepares the kids for the skit. Kirti gets surprised to see Naksh. Manish wants to confront Naksh about the notice. Dadi gets against Naksh. Kartik and Naira want Kirti and Naksh to talk and sort out the matter. Naksh and Kirti get into a moment, thanks to the kids. Kirti realizes that Naksh has removed her from his heart. Krish tells that the best performer will get the award.

Kirti asks him to remember that its important to participate, not to win. She asks him to handle success and failure well. Samarth prepares Vansh to win. He doesn’t like losers. He puts pressure on Vansh. Gayu is upset to watch them. Kartik and Naira ask the kids to take losing as learning. They wish the kids to take everything positive.

Kairav finds Krishna selfish. He wants to send Krishna away from the family. He thinks to anger Dadi by showing Krishna’s fault. Kairav, Vansh and Krish make a plan against Krishna. The kids present the skit nicely. Kairav comes up with a plan to trap Krishna. He complains about Krishna. He turns negative.

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  1. kartik and naira will learn krishna is their daughter. tell the family about nurse leela. all family members will accept her. dadi will apologise to her and kartik naira will tell kairav she was their first child before.


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