Barrister Babu 2nd November 2020 Written Update Bondita exposes Saudamini

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2020 Written Update Bondita exposes Saudamini

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2020 Written Update Bondita exposes Saudamini Rasiya takes Tara Bai’s palace by a storm. She threatens to kill Tara Bai. She asks Anirudh to take Bondita and leave as soon as possible. She sacrifices herself for the sake of Bondita’s freedom. Bondita doesn’t want to go without Rasiya. Anirudh tells that he got Bondita with Rasiya’s help, he can’t let her risk her life. Tara Bai asks her men to catch Rasiya, Anirudh and Bondita.

She tells that she wants them alive or dead. Her helper gets water to sprinkle on the guards. He wakes up the guards. Rasiya tells Bondita that she has seen a spark in her. She wants Bondita to bring a revolution along with Anirudh’s help. She tells that many women need an inspiration like Bondita. She asks Bondita to always keep the spark that can bring light in the lives of many women. She asks Anirudh to go away fast before it gets too late.

Bondita goes with Anirudh. She runs back to Rasiya to touch her feet and take blessings. Rasiya hugs her. She asks Bondita to just go away fast. Rasiya tells Tara Bau that her Lanka will burn along with Raavan. She sets the Sheesh mahal on fire. Rasiya ends her life to kill Tara and her evil aides. Anirudh, Bondita, Surayya, Saurabh and other girls get to see the Sheesh Mahal burning after the fire breaks out.

Bondita cries a lot for Rasiya’s loss. Anirudh is also sorrowful on Rasiya’s death. He brings Bondita home. Sumati is pleased to see Bondita back. Bondita reveals to Sumati about her kidnapping and captivity at Tara Bai’s place. Anirudh unites Bondita with her mother. Sumati is much shocked to know what all Bondita has gone through because of her Mami’s deceive. She feels sorry to not be able to protect Bondita. She really appreciates Anirudh for protecting Bondita and bringing her home safely. She adds that he has lived up to his promise and brought Bondita home. Anirudh is glad to see them happy. Sumati and Bondita shed tears of happiness. Bondita is very happy to get Anirudh with her. Sumati blesses them.

Anirudh wants to confront Mami for her devious plan to sell Bondita to the brothel man. He reprimands her for ruining Bondita’s life by sending her to the brothel. Bondita’s Mama wasn’t aware that his wife has sent Bondita to the brothel. Anirudh reveals that he got to know Mami’s plans. He gives evidences and further shocks Mama and Sumati.

Mami feels ashamed of her mistakes after Anirudh lectures her for being a back stabbing person in the family. He can’t believe that she has paid Bondita’s good deed to save Sampoorna’s marriage in such a way by selling her off for the sake of some money. Mama rebukes his wife for being so inhumane. He makes her apologize to Sumati and Bondita. Bondita doesn’t hold any grudge. She stops her Mama from slapping his wife, calling it a bad thing. She tells what Anirudh has taught her.

Anirudh can’t stop praising his sensible wife, who has shown much courage to fight evil Tara Bai. Bondita makes Sumati forgive Mami after the latter apologizes. Mama requests them to keep the matter a secret from Saurabh, who may not be able to forget Mami’s crime. Bondita promises to not let Sampoorna’s marriage get affected. Everything gets well for Bondita.

Anirudh and Bondita return to their haveli. Bondita meets Saudamini and realizes that Saudamini has intentionally unheard her while seeing her in Hira Mandi. She reveals to Anirudh that Saudamini is faking her blindness, she had seen her in Hira Mandi, she ignored the call for help and went ahead like she doesn’t know her. She tells him that Saudamini is really evil, she isn’t any fairy as she thought. Anirudh is moved on knowing this truth.

He didn’t know that Saudamini intentionally left Bondita at Tara Bai’s place with wicked mind. He tells that Saudamini has seen his friendship, but not his hatred. He tells her that he will show his hatred to Saudamini now. Saudamini acts to get his sympathy. She tells that she can’t bring any proof for her blindness. Anirudh wants to trust just Bondita. He decides to cast his anger on Saudamini.

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