Choti Sardarni 2nd November 2020 Written Update Manav demands Karan

Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2020 Written Update Shocking Meher Manav affair revealed

Choti Sardarni 2nd November 2020 Written Update Manav demands Karan Manav demands Karan from Meher. He tells her that he got to know the truth that Karan is his child. Meher doesn’t deny the truth. He asks her to hand over Karan to him. She refuses to give away her child. He promises to have Karan with him when he celebrates Diwali. He asks Meher to recall her promise when he gave his blood to Sarabjeet and saved the latter’s life. He tells that he has always been there to help her, she has herself promised him that she will do anything to return his big favor on Sarabjeet.

He asks her to pay for his favor by giving him Karan. Meher gets troubled with the choice of keeping her promise or her child. He tells that he has always thought of his connection with Sarabjeet’s child. He tells that Karan is his child, he won’t let anyone take away his child. He asks Meher to give their love’s last sign, if she can’t give her love to him. He accepts that she has moved on with Sarabjeet. He requests her to give back his son. Kulwaant and Harleen get to hear the truth. They are much shocked to know that Karan is Manav’s child. What will Meher choose now? Keep reading.

Sarabjeet makes Kulwant lose her position. Meher keeps a Karwachauth fast for Sarabjeet. She wants him to return home soon. Harleen tells him that Meher didn’t drink water since morning. Sarabjeet tells he has noticed this well, when Meher came to see him at the hospital. Harleen likes their love. Sarabjeet wants Meher to have the glass of juice, which he has kept for her. Param hands over the glass of juice to Meher. He tells Sarabjeet’s plan. Sarabjeet wants Meher to complete her fast. Meher breaks her fast. Harleen asks Vikram and Aditi to have dinner together. She tells that Vikram will be feeding the food to Aditi with love.

Manav wants to get away from Aditi. He doesn’t wish to fulfill any rituals of Karwachauth. This upsets Aditi, who has kept a fast for him. Meher finds her upset. She goes to stop Manav. She tells him that Aditi is waiting for him. He tells her that he has been waiting to talk to her since a long time.

He wants to talk to her. She also wants to clear many things. She tells him that she wants to question him about his move to attack Sarabjeet. She tells him that he has saved Sarabjeet by giving him blood, but the truth doesn’t change that he wanted to kill Sarabjeet. Manav tells her that he was confused in opting a right or wrong way, it was a weak moment, but he stopped himself from committing a crime. She forgives him. She asks him not to spoil Aditi’s happiness.

He tells Meher that he got to know his life’s biggest happiness, he remembers everything. Meher explains him that she can’t accept him. He tells that fate didn’t accept his leaving. He asks her why didn’t she tell him that Karan is his son. He feels she wanted to hide the truth, but fate brought the truth out. Meher is shell shocked by his confrontation about Karan. He tells that Karan is his son, his own blood. Meher doesn’t want him to say this truth. He tells that he was in much sorrow, but he is happy now to know about his son.

Meher lies to Manav that Karan is Sarabjeet’s son. Moreover, Kulwant thinks to emotionally blackmail Param. She tries to get his sympathy. Param tells that he will make her friendly with Sarabjeet again. She tells her plans. She involves him. Manav doesn’t want Meher to lie. He doesn’t think its fair with him. He tells that he has always felt connection with his son. He reveals that Karan is their child, this truth can never change. He makes Meher tensed. Meher breaks down into tears.

She doesn’t want him to mention Karan’s name. He reminds his first meet with Karan. He tells her that he came to attack Sarabjeet that night, but Karan’s innocent face stopped him from committing the crime. He had changed his mind on seeing little Karan. He doesn’t want Meher to hide the truth further. He tells how his blood has called him. Meher gets nervous and worried when Manav demands Karan. Meher refuses to give him any hope that he will get his son. Manav tells her that he will accept her life with Sarabjeet, he will not come between Sarabjeet and her ever, he will not wish for her love, but he wants his son at any cost.

Meher can’t think of getting separated from her son. He tells her that Kulwant and Sarabjeet snatched his love. He begs her to not snatch his son. He tells her that she has already promised him to give anything and do anything to return his favor. He reminds that she was ready to give her life and her world. He counts his favors on her.

She asks him to go and think of Seema. He tells her that he will live as Vikram Diwan all his life, he will love Aditi and also be a dutiful son for Seema, but he wants Karan with him. He wants to talk to Sarabjeet and ask for his son. He hopes that Sarabjeet will understand him and give his son. Meher fears that his meet with Sarabjeet can give a shock to the latter. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to get tension. Kulwant and Harleen overhear Manav and Meher’s conversation. Kulwant realizes that Manav got to know Karan’s truth, he will bring out the secret. She thinks Manav will ruin Meher’s life.

She fears that Meher will suffer by the new storm coming in her life. Manav wants Meher to answer. Harleen doesn’t hear anything clearly. She gets Sarabjeet’s call for Vikram. She asks Vikram to talk to Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet congratulates Vikram for the first Karwachauth. He asks Vikram to feed the food to Aditi. Manav thinks Meher has complained about him. Sarabjeet tells that Harleen has told him. Manav asks Sarabjeet to make a video call so that he clears something to him. This makes Meher worried.

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  1. All tis was inevitable and it may be the writers have fast forwarded this Karan paternity track. Manav, who now realises Meher has moved on, cannot be expected to similarly move on from his own son. Once this comes out in the open, the gentleman Sarab may have to admit the father Manav has a right to bring up his own son and it was only fate that made Sarab give his name to Karan. I foresee Kulwant Kaur exploiting the whole issue for her own gain. Also expect Aditi to turn into Mehers enemy fairly soon.


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