Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Update Meher is guilty

Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Update Meher's shocking battle

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Update Meher is guilty Meher tells Manav that she can’t tolerate anything against Sarabjeet. She asks him not to say a word against her husband. She believes Sarabjeet. She tells him that she was sympathizing with him till now, but not anymore. She tells him that Sarabjeet stood by her in every difficulty. She reveals that Sarabjeet gave his name to her baby. She counts Sarabjeet’s favors on her. She accepts that Karan is Manav’s child. She tells him that Sarabjeet signed the consent form because he had no other option.

She reveals that she had met an accident. She tells that even he would have chosen her instead the baby if he was in Sarabjeet’s place. Manav realizes that Sarabjeet isn’t wrong. She justifies Sarabjeet further. She tells that Sarabjeet has told her everything before itself. She wants him to understand Sarabjeet, who is really God for her.

The flashback brings a moment between Sarabjeet and Meher. He shares his joy that Karan is born to them. He apologizes to her to choose her over Karan when he was given a choice. He tells her that the decision was much tough for her. She knows that he didn’t wish Param and Yuvi to get burdened with guilt if anything happened to her. She asks him not to feel guilty, since she trusts his decision. She asks him to be happy that her baby and she are fine. She wants him to take the baby in arms. Sarabjeet feels happiness when he sees Karan for the first time. He promises to always protect Karan. Meher asks Manav to know Sarabjeet’s greatness.


On the other hand, Kulwant blames Amrita for supporting Meher in the state of pregnancy and saving Manav’s child. She tells Amrita that Meher’s life is going to get ruined because of Manav’s child. She reveals that Vikram is Manav, he is asking for his child now. Amrita can’t believe this truth. She didn’t know it. Kulwant tells that Manav’s memory has come back. Amrita asks if Sarabjeet knows the truth. Kulwant tells that Sarabjeet isn’t aware of the truth.

Amrita didn’t know that Manav will come back. She just wanted Meher’s betterment. Kulwant tells that Manav will take Karan’s custody. She tells Amrita that Manav will ruin Meher and Sarabjeet’s respect. Meanwhile, Manav regards to respect Sarabjeet as God, since Sarabjeet has taken care of his child.

He asks Meher if Sarabjeet will give away Param to some great man. He asks her to ask Sarabjeet if he will choose someone to raise his son. He tells that Sarabjeet will never give Param to anyone, even a great man will be a father first. He tells that he is Karan’s father, he will not be okay if Karan calls someone his father. He explains his situation to Meher. Meher still keeps Karan away from him. She breaks his heart again. He tells that he will not leave silently if she doesn’t give his child.

He threatens to create such a drama that the entire world knows. He wants to take Meher to the court. He tells that DNA test will bring out the truth. Meher finds him threatening. He tells her that he is giving her a grace period until Diwali. He promises to celebrate Diwali with his son Karan. He asks Meher to give him Karan if she wants him to keep Aditi happy. Meher refuses to him. He tells that the Diwali will be dramatic for her. Aditi asks him if he has special plans for Diwali. Manav tells that there will be big blasts in Gill mansion. Aditi tells that Sarabjeet doesn’t like crackers. He agrees to celebrate it any way.

He tells Meher that they can celebrate it with love and sweets, by sharing happiness. He tells Meher that he will be leaving soon. Aditi wants Meher to be happy. She wishes that their happiness always stay the same. Meher is tensed by Manav’s words. Manav doesn’t want to sacrifice his child, since he has already sacrificed his love. Aditi thanks him for coming back and returning her old Vikram to her. She wants his love. She doesn’t want him to leave her. She questions him about fighting Sarabjeet that day. He doesn’t answer her.

He tells her that they should let go of the past matters. She wants Sarabjeet to be safe. She wants to know the reason for the quarrel. He tells that he was drunk, he doesn’t remember anything, he came to senses on seeing Sarabjeet shot. He asks Aditi not to suspect him. He tells that he doesn’t want to kill Sarabjeet. She tells that she is glad that he gave his blood and saved Sarabjeet.

She asks him to promise that he won’t drink again. He feels uneasy when she hugs him. He asks her not to mind and let him sleep. Sarabjeet speaks to Meher. He tells her that he will be recovering till Diwali. He wants to return home soon. He tells her that he will celebrate Karan’s first Diwali well. Meher is worried. She wants to tell the truth to Sarabjeet.

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