Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th November 2020 Written Update Kabir declares victory

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th November 2020 Written Update Kabir declares victory

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th November 2020 Written Update Kabir declares victory Ragini and Riddhima try to leave from the factory. Riddhima fails to see Kabir’s face. She leaves Kabir and rushes out of the factory with Ragini. Ragini had already inhaled the poisonous gas. She feels dizzy. She tells Riddhima that she can’t run further, she has to tell her about Vansh’s mother’s murderer. Riddhima asks her who is it. Ragini wants to tell about Kabir and Anupriya. Kabir chases them. He doesn’t leave them to spoil his plan.

He shoots at Ragini. Riddhima is much shocked to see Ragini, who gets shot by Kabir. Ragini dies and takes the secret away with her. Riddhima is much depressed that Vansh’s mum’s murderer truth couldn’t come out. Vansh reaches home to check on Siya. He finds Siya injured. He wants to find out who is the culprit responsible for Siya’s state. Anupriya stops Siya from revealing her name. She misleads Vansh by taking Riddhima’s name.

Siya made a mistake to tell Anupriya that she has Riddhima’s confession audio with her. Anupriya takes an advantage of that recording. She plays the audio to convince Vansh that Riddhima is a spy who entered his life with a motive to ruin him down. Vansh is super shocked with Riddhima’s deceive. He believes Anupriya on seeing Siya critical in his lap. Siya faints down. Vansh is heartbroken. He gets a major shock when Kabir reaches him with an arrest warrant. Vansh asks the reason for the warrant. Kabir accuses him for killing Ragini.

He tells Vansh that Ragini is dead, and this time nobody can save him. He handcuffs Vansh. He tells that Vansh has lost this time. Kabir enjoys his victory. Vansh can’t lose so soon. He comes with a backup plan to settle scores with his enemies. Riddhima fears the danger on Vansh’s life. Kabir plots to kill Vansh and erase his existence from the world. Will Riddhima be able to save Vansh from Kabir? Will Ragini really die or get saved by Riddhima? Keep reading.

Riddhima gets too close to see Kabir’s face. She wants to see his face. Ragini gets critical. Riddhima leaves Kabir. She chooses to attend Ragini first. Kabir gains conscious. He looks for Riddhima. Siya calls Vansh once again. She asks him to come home. She tells him that she got to know the truth of their mum’s murderer. Vansh wants to know the name. He finds her in trouble. He drives back to the house. Siya tells Anupriya that Vansh will come anytime for her sake. She asks Anupriya to let her go.

Anupriya asks Siya to go anywhere she wants. She tells that she will send her too far. She wants to kill Siya. Riddhima rescues Ragini. Ragini doesn’t think she will survive. Riddhima asks her to stay strong. Ragini tells that she wants to tell about Uma’s murderer. She asks Riddhima to inform Vansh about his enemies. Kabir doesn’t let Ragini speak up another word. He shoots her in no time. Kabir bids a bye to Ragini. Riddhima looks for the shooter. She doesn’t see Kabir. She asks Ragini not to lose breath.

She cries on Ragini’s death. She feels she has failed in her promise to save Ragini. She can’t see Ragini dying. Anupriya lets Siya run. She knows that Siya will not get saved now. She enjoys Siya’s plight. She tells Siya that she hates her a lot. Siya doesn’t want Vansh to spare Anupriya. Vansh calls the entire family members. He knows that they have gone to the temple. Vansh calls back Siya. Anupriya laughs on Siya.

She tells that she will punish her. Vansh reaches home. Anupriya doesn’t want Vansh to meet Siya. Riddhima feels everything is finished by Ragini’s death. She thinks that Ragini’s death will end her relation with Vansh as well. She wants to save Vansh from danger. She leaves Ragini there. She wants to go home to Vansh. She finds her car tyres punctured. She knows that someone has done it intentionally.

Anupriya reaches Siya and injects her. She disables Siya from speaking to Vansh. Vansh asks Siya to tell him the name of the person who did this to her. She fails to say anything. Vansh wants to call for an ambulance. Anupriya provokes him against Riddhima. She tells him that its Riddhima’s voice. Vansh is shocked when Anupriya tells him that Riddhima is a spy.

Vansh doesn’t think Riddhima can cheat him. He gets the CCTV footage on his phone. He gets to see Riddhima taking Ragini. He rushes Siya to the hospital. He feels Riddhima has cheated him. He wants to know Riddhima’s truth. He thinks Riddhima has never loved him and stabbed his trust. Riddhima reaches home with much difficulty. She gets a lovely surprise from Vansh. Vansh lights up the candles for them. He doesn’t let Riddhima say anything. He disappears. Riddhima gets scared. She gets the bad thoughts flashing in her mind.

She wants to see Vansh fine. Vansh tells Anupriya that they shall go to the hospital. Kabir hinders him. He tells Vansh that he will be going to the police lockup. He tells that Vansh will be arrested for Ragini’s arrest. He stops Vansh from leaving. He tells that he has come well prepared this time. He asks Mishra to get the evidences. Vansh realizes that Riddhima had the watch with her. Kabir tells Vansh that he has many evidences against him this time. He shows the footage in which Vansh is seen threatening Ragini.

Vansh asks Kabir who had shot Ragini. Kabir asks Vansh not to joke with the police. He tells that Ragini had saved her life that day, but still Vansh had succeeded to kill her. He asks Vansh to ask his wife, who has helped the law. Vansh feels Riddhima has cheated him. Riddhima runs to meet Vansh. Kabir has ruined Riddhima’s love. He wants the cheat to win. Vansh thinks Riddhima had attacked Siya and then framed him in Ragini’s murder. He feels deeply hurt by Riddhima’s cheat. What will happen next? Vansh will be seen getting killed by Kabir’s hands. He chooses to sacrifice his life for the sake of Riddhima’s love, which was just a cheat. Vansh jumps down the cliff being heartbroken by her cheat. Will Vansh really die? Keep reading.

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