Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th November 2020 Pragya Rhea unite

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th November 2020 Pragya Rhea unite

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th November 2020 Pragya Rhea unite Ranbir follows Sanju and catches him. They have a fight. Sanju doesn’t want the police to arrest him. He runs away with Bittu. Ranbir loses Sanju. Prachi calls Ranbir to ask him where is he now. Ranbir tells that he had an important work. She tells that she is going home. He wants her to wait until he returns home. He thinks Pragya didn’t tell Prachi about Sanju. He doesn’t tell anything to Prachi.

Rhea returns home. She hates Pragya. She cries for her mother’s love. She feels Pragya never deserved her. Pragya tries to connect with her. Rhea doesn’t want her lies or fake love. He thinks Pragya will never love her. Ranbir drops Prachi, Shahana and Sarita home. Sarita leaves Ranbir and Prachi for a talk. Prachi finds Ranbir in tension. She asks the reason. He doesn’t want to tell her. She doesn’t find Pragya home. She tells that Aaliya lied to them. Sarita asks Prachi why didn’t she get Ranbir home. She tells that Ranbir would be waiting outside.

Ranbir is really waiting outside. Ranbir thinks Prachi has come to call him. Shahana stops him. She asks Ranbir to come home and spend time with Prachi. He wanted Prachi to call him for tea. He refuses to Shahana. Sarita teaches Prachi that she should behave well with Ranbir. She sends Prachi to stop Ranbir. Prachi invites Ranbir home. He agrees to her easily. Shahana takes them home. Pragya wants Rhea to know that her love isn’t fake.

Rhea tells that she isn’t her daughter, since Pragya has never loved her, never caressed her, never spent time with her. Pragya tells that she loves her a lot. Rhea has many complains with her. She didn’t feel Pragya’s love. She feels Pragya’s love is just for Prachi. She tells that she never got mother’s love. Pragya knows her mistake is too big to repent. She apologizes for staying away from her daughter. She knows she has no rights to complain, she has snatched her rights and never gave her love and care. Rhea asks her not to try to make a place in her life.

She doesn’t want a mother like Pragya. She doesn’t want to become Pragya’s bad daughter. She feels humiliated. Pragya accepts that she didn’t love Rhea ever and made her bitter. Rhea doesn’t want to be called a killer sister. She defends that she didn’t try to kill Prachi after knowing their relation. Pragya takes all the blame on herself, since she has not done Rhea’s upbringing. She tells Rhea that even her insecurity isn’t wrong. She knows that Abhi favored Prachi and that’s the reason that Rhea got insecure. She talks to her with love. Abhi prays that things get better between Pragya and Rhea. He knows Pragya loves Rhea a lot. He wants Rhea’s anger to end. He wishes that Pragya and Rhea get together so that he can also get Prachi back. Dadi tells him that his prayer will be answered this time, since sorrow can’t stay all life. She tells that the dark night will soon end for them. Pragya tells that she should be blamed for everything. She regrets that she decided wrong and went away from Abhi and Rhea.

She tells that Prachi and Rhea have suffered equally, being away from parents. She tells that she has always loved her. Dadi wants Abhi to see Pragya and Rhea talking. Abhi has no courage to see their argument. Dadi tells that he should be positive, Pragya will convince Rhea. She tells that she will see them first and then inform him. Rhea tells Pragya that she gets angry on herself, since she used to miss her mother. She vents her anger. Pragya tells Rhea that her breath is also connected with her. She tells that she used to make cup cakes for her, because Kiara used to love it. Rhea tells that she really likes cup cakes.

Pragya tells that she used to wish her and keep her gifts in the cupboard since all the years. She wants to gift all the things to Rhea. She tells that she missed her a lot, she had no courage to meet her, she was afraid to get her hatred. She tells that she got to know that Rhea hates her mother. She feels she is unlucky that she couldn’t meet her daughter. Rhea tells that her hatred was just her anger, because she loved her.

Rhea asks her to understand. She wants to clean her heart. She wants to hug Pragya. Pragya also wants to hug her. She calls Pragya as her mum. Pragya hugs her. She apologizes for being so late. She wants Rhea to forgive her. Rhea tells that she will forgive her if she promises that she will never leave her. Pragya promises to never leave her alone. They both cry and vent out the frustration of years. Dadi gets glad to see their union, which it gets shocking for Aaliya. Aaliya didn’t expect Rhea to give up her hatred and anger so soon. Will Rhea change for good this time or fall into Aaliya’s evil words against Pragya once again? Keep reading.

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