Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th November 2020 Written Update Vansh is back

Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th December 2020 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th November 2020 Written Update Vansh is back Riddhima finds ways to stop the marriage. Kabir loses his cool on seeing her rebellious ways. He tells her that she will be just marrying him. He doesn’t want her to run away or plan new troubles in his goals. Riddhima is reluctant. She sticks to her decision to bring Vihaan in the house. She makes a plan to secure Vihaan. She wants Kabir to drop all the false charges on Vansh to ensure that when Vihaan comes home, he doesn’t have any legal constraints from Kabir.

She cunningly keeps a condition for marriage. She tells Kabir that she wants to clear Vansh’s name before the marriage. She asks Kabir to pay a price if he wants to marry her. She agrees to marry him on the condition that he will ruin the evidences against Vansh and also withdraw the FIR. She tells that she wants to get rid of the past baggage. She fools him. She tells that he will be bringing the evidences and documents within one hour and then burn everything in front of her eyes to prove that he is also willing to marry her on her terms.


Kabir is helpless to convince her. He agrees to her condition. He gets the files and evidences against Vansh, thinking her condition is baseless after Vansh’s death. He doesn’t think the evidences against a dead man could be of any use to anyone. He reaches Riddhima and burns the evidences in front of her to fulfill her condition. He asks her not to create any troubles now and just agree for the marriage. Riddhima begins the new game against Kabir. She arranges the money to pay Vihaan. She plans Vihaan’s entry as Vansh. She turns the tables for defeating Kabir.

She tells Vihaan that he has to make an entry in the family during the marriage and stop the marriage from happening. She tells that she will arrange the remaining money soon. Vihaan agrees to her plan. Kabir reaches Vihaan’s place by following Riddhima. He wants to know what is she upto. He doesn’t see Vihaan there. He doesn’t learn her plans. Kabir and Riddhima are seen taking the wedding rounds, when she threatens to consume poison and die to avoid the marriage with Kabir. Kabir is hell bent to marry her at any cost. He wants her to cooperate with him, knowing the family is in danger. He forces Riddhima for the marriage.

Vihaan makes an entry in VR mansion and stops the marriage, declaring Vansh is back. The family has mixed emotions with Vansh’s comeback. Dadi, Angre and Ishani are glad, while the selfish others didn’t wish Vansh to return. Vansh’s shocking entry gets intolerable for Kabir. Vihaan as Vansh stops Kabir and Riddhima’s marriage, claiming Riddhima is Vansh’s wife and Vansh is alive. It becomes a cherishing moment for Riddhima who prays that Vansh really came back for her love. Is Vihaan really Vansh? What’s the truth? Will Vihaan and Riddhima defeat Kabir in the evil game? Keep reading.

Riddhima unwilling undergoes the rituals with Kabir for the sake of family. She thinks to arrange money and get Vihaan as soon as possible to stop Kabir and Anupriya from playing with her life. She can’t give up to Kabir. Ishani and Angre are upset that Riddhima is marrying Kabir. Ishani wants to poison Riddhima and kill her so that Riddhima doesn’t give Vansh’s place to Kabir. Angre feels Riddhima is making a big mistake. Riddhima consumes poison. Kabir can’t let her die. He is shocked to see her state. He gets her suicide note. He can’t believe his eyes.

Riddhima tricks him by acting dead to see him in tension. She teaches him a lesson. Kabir’s rage gets higher by her trick. She threatens to kill herself if he forces her to marry. She compels him to accept her condition and void all the evidences against Vansh. Kabir gives up in front of her stubborn behavior. She tells him that her fears will end if she consumes the poison and dies, its better that he accepts her condition and proves her Vansh innocent. She tells that she wants to die and unite with her Vansh. He fails to convince her to marry on his terms. Kabir doesn’t think her condition is too big. She tells that she is just wanting this for Vansh’s soul peace so that he gets rid of the criminal’s tag.

Angre explains Ishani that she shouldn’t kill Riddhima until they find out the real culprit and know what’s the big game. He tells that Vansh and Siya can’t become targets in the single day, there is definitely some catch. He wants Ishani to keep patience and find out the culprit. He consoles Ishani and calms her anger. He tells that they have to get justice for Vansh. Ishani bonds with Angre. Riddhima succeeds to get all the evidences against Vansh from Kabir. She burns the evidences and gets Vansh’s name cleared in the police records.

She finally wins in her first move. Kabir doesn’t think she can benefit from it, since Vansh is dead, he will never come back. He finds her really silly. He underestimates her. She misses Vansh and cries for him. She swears to get justice for Vansh. Kabir realizes that someone is encouraging Riddhima to oppose him, she has got a new power in hand to fight him. He shares his doubts with Anupriya. Riddhima begins a new game against Kabir.

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