Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Pragya’s revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Pragya's revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Pragya’s revelation Pragya tells the inspector that she will free Rhea by getting Prachi there. She tells that she will prove that all the accusations on Rhea are wrong. Abhi tries to meet his lawyer and get his help. Malkani tells him that he is busy with his family on the Diwali night. Abhi pleads to him to save Rhea. He tells that Rhea needs the bail as soon as possible. When Malkani refuses, Abhi threatens him in anger.

He wants Malkani to arrange the bail papers. Pragya meets Rhea and tells her that she will get Prachi with her soon to withdraw the murder charges. She assures that they will be soon together. Aaliya brainwashes Rhea against Pragya. Rhea doesn’t listen to Pragya and turns away. She asks Aaliya to stay with her. Aaliya doesn’t want Pragya to bring Prachi to help Rhea. She thinks Pragya will ruin her plan if Prachi comes.

She wants to create hurdles for Pragya. Dadi wants to unite Abhi and Pragya. She wants to end the problems. She knows that Pragya can never hurt Rhea. She wishes to clear the misunderstanding so that Rhea accepts Pragya. She feels helpless. She tells that she has to keep her promise to her late sister. On the other side, Kohli family are happy in their own world. They don’t know about Rhea’s arrest. Vikram enjoys the sight of Pallavi and Dida’s mutual admiration. He wants the family to always stay happy.

Ranbir makes an entry to reveal about his engagement with Prachi. He tells them that he loves them a lot. The family also showers much love on him. They have a happy moment. Ranbir and Vikram have a cool competition. The family just supports Ranbir over Vikram. Ranbir thinks they will be glad to know about Prachi.

Pallavi finds him wearing the odd ring and asks him to remove it. Ranbir doesn’t want her to remove it. He reveals that its his engagement ring, given by Prachi. He tells that he got engaged to Prachi. The family can’t believe this shocking news. Pallavi asks him if he is saying the truth. He tells that he loves Prachi, even if his family dislikes her. Pallavi angrily slaps him. Meanwhile, Pragya reaches home to take Prachi for helping Rhea. She tells her that Rhea got arrested for the murder attempt on her.

Prachi asks her why is she crying for Rhea, why does she love Rhea so much. Pragya tells that she doesn’t have time to explain her anything. She tells that she loves Rhea a lot, she can’t see her hurt, they will not tell the police about Rhea’s crimes. Prachi tells that Rhea is wrong, she doesn’t deserve any love, Rhea should be punished for her actions. She doesn’t want to listen to Pragya. Pragya tells that she can never wish bad for Rhea. Prachi tells that its good that Rhea gets jailed for lifetime. Pragya fails to tolerate such bitter things about Rhea. Prachi questions her emotions for Rhea.

She tells that Rhea is really ill-tempered, who doesn’t deserve a second chance. She tells that she isn’t related to Rhea. Pragya reveals that Rhea is her sister. Prachi can’t believe it. Rhea gets hopeful that Pragya realized her mistake and came to help. Aaliya tells her that Pragya is planning to hurt her and snatch Ranbir from her. She tells that Ranbir has got mad for Prachi. She wants Rhea to remove Pragya and Prachi from her mind if she wants to get Ranbir. She asks Rhea not to be so innocent. She tells that she will always love her. She asks Rhea to forget Pragya, who left the family for Prachi’s sake. She asks Rhea never to believe Pragya. Rhea is in pain. She can’t tolerate more of this sorrow.

Vikram and Pallavi rebuke Ranbir for his madness. Ranbir tells them that they can’t decide to ruin his life, he loves Prachi and will just marry her. Pallavi tells him that she has given him birth, she will decide for his life. He doesn’t want her to make him away from Prachi, who has become his life. She takes his challenge and tells that he will never marry Prachi. He swears to not end ties with Prachi. She warns him against meeting Prachi. She threatens that he will lose his family if he meets Prachi.

Pallavi loves him a lot. Vikram knows that Pallavi is insecure that Prachi will snatch Ranbir from her. He wants to find out some way to handle the issue. Dida tells that Prachi is breaking their house before coming in the family. She doesn’t want Prachi to marry Ranbir. Pragya reveals to Prachi that Rhea is her twin sister, Abhi is her husband. Prachi is moved by the huge truth. She always felt that Abhi is her dad. Pragya tells that she will explain the long story. She wants Prachi to help Rhea.

Prachi tells that she didn’t understand Pragya’s love for Rhea. She apologizes. She tells that she will help out Rhea and save her from the police. Shahana tells Sarita that Rhea loves Ranbir, while he loves Prachi, Rhea will not change and will create troubles for Prachi. Sarita finally gets her answers about Abhi and Pragya. Pallavi tells Ranbir that she understands him well. He wants her to understand that he loves Prachi. She realizes that she had been wrong to always fulfill his wish. She doesn’t want him to demand Prachi. He tells that Prachi is necessary for her life. Pallavi locks him up in the room.

She tells Vikram that she locked Ranbir so that his obstinacy ends. She wants Ranbir to obey her. She wants to get him married to Rhea. She wants to make Prachi away from Ranbir at any cost. Ranbir doesn’t think the world can separate Prachi and him. Pragya takes Prachi to the police station, unaware that Aaliya is going to create problems for them. Prachi feels overjoyed that Abhi is really her dad. She misses him. She feels so lucky. She wants to meet him and express her emotions. Abhi confronts Aaliya for having so much hatred for Pragya. Aaliya manipulates him.

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