Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Preeta cries for Sarla

Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Preeta cries for Sarla

Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update Preeta cries for Sarla Janki informs Preeta that Sarla got arrested on Sherlyn’s complaint. She reveals that Sherlyn got the police to their house and got Sarla in trouble. She asks Sherlyn to take back the false complaint. Sherlyn gets questioned by Rishabh. He asks her why did she tell them anything before, why did she not ask him. She tells the same thing that he doesn’t trust her. She tells that she didn’t tell about her pregnancy because of his loss of trust. He asks her to mind her own questions. She tells that Sarla had tried to kill her baby.

Preeta and Shrishti know that their mum is innocent. Sherlyn accuses Sarla. She tells that Sarla had brought the poisoned laddoos to kill her baby. She cries when she fails to answer his questions. She wants Rishabh to support her. Shrishti tells that Sarla can never do this. Karan tells that its not confirmed from the doctor. Mahira tells that Sherlyn should have waited for the reports. Sherlyn tells that Sarla has done it intentionally. Preeta gets enough of Sherlyn’s blames. Rakhi is also shocked with this new drama.

Kareena supports Sherlyn, just because she doesn’t like Sarla and Preeta. She asks the family to wait for the reports. Shrishti tells that Sherlyn throws the sympathy card always to fool the family. She tells that Sherlyn is lying. Sherlyn tells that she is pregnant, she is protective about her baby. Preeta feels tensed. Sherlyn asks them to wait for the reports. Shrishti accuses Sherlyn for accusing Sarla and planning everything. Preeta wants to go to her mother.

She struggles to reach Sarla. Mahira gets happy to see Preeta leaving. She spares Preeta for some time. She tells Ramona that Preeta has gone to help Sarla. Ramona wants Mahira’s happiness. She tells that they will take revenge. Preeta reaches Sarla. She cries out her pain. Sarla tells that she knows Preeta will believe her. Preeta trusts Sarla. She wants to get Sarla with her. She tells that she didn’t break the Karwachauth fast, she got the arrest news and came to see her. Sarla tells that she isn’t a weak person to break down. She wants Preeta to go home and complete her fast. They have an emotional talk.

She doesn’t want Preeta to fall weak. She tells that if Preeta is there, then Sherlyn and Mahira won’t do wrong. She tells that nothing will be easy. She tells that Sherlyn has done this just to spoil her Karwachauth. She asks Preeta to be strong and go home. She blesses Preeta. Preeta goes home. Sherlyn and Mahira lie to the family. Sherlyn wants Rishabh to just support her. Shrishti and Janki defend Sarla.

Shrishti tells that Sarla is innocent, Sherlyn is making a story to frame Sarla. Sherlyn calls the doctor to get the reports confirmed. The doctor tells them that the laddoos had poison. Sherlyn provides a strong evidence against Sarla. Kareena gets against Sarla. She wants Sarla to get punished.

Sherlyn tells Rishabh that she has proved herself right. Mahira tells them that Sarla had told Sherlyn to have the laddoos. Karan tells that something is wrong. Rishabh knows that Sarla is innocent. Kareena loses her cool. She tells that they should not believe Sarla. She threatens Shrishti and Janki. She tells that she will get Sarla punished for her big crime. Sherlyn and Mahira celebrate their winning strike. Preeta confronts them for framing Sarla. She wants to expose Sherlyn’s truth to save Sarla.

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