Shaadi Mubarak 26th November 2020 Written Update KT marries Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 26th November 2020 Written Update KT marries Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 26th November 2020 Written Update KT Preeti marriage Rati and Tarun also reach the wedding after Preeti gets famous for arguing with the media. Preeti handles the media well and impresses Kusum. Nandini awaits the media to create a scene. Preeti is worried for KT’s emotions. Nandini tells KT that she will pray for his support. She asks him to accept her back in his life. Rati is curious to know the drama. She tells that she got to know about it from the media source. She wants to know what is happening and why.

Arjun pleads to KT to accept Nandini. Neelima supports Nandini for the sake of Arjun. KT tells Nandini that she didn’t change, she is still cheating the family by her lies. He wants her to stop the drama and leave. He tells that he will not marry her. He tells that he has changed and hates Nandini now. He asks Arjun to know the truth, that he isn’t her father. He insults Nandini. He tells that Arjun won’t like to hear wrong about his mother. He feels Nandini has brainwashed Arjun for years. He doesn’t thin Arjun is at fault.

Nandini tells KT that she isn’t lying about Arjun. She asks KT not to see her faults if he loves her. KT declares that he doesn’t love her. She asks him why didn’t he accept anyone else in his life. She pleads him to marry her. Her questions make him speechless. KT wants to answer her. He gets the sindoor but not for Nandini, but Preeti. His move gets shocking for Preeti and onlookers. Preeti didn’t expect him to take this step when he gets confronted by his ex wife.


Kusum gets too happy to watch KT and Preeti into a relation. Nandini is shocked with his move. Nandini loses KT to Preeti in a moment. Preeti doesn’t know how to react with the sindoor filled by KT. KT answers Nandini that he loves Preeti. He asks Nandini to leave from his life. Rati and Tarun are too shocked when KT declares that he loves Preeti. Nandini shares her sorrow with Arjun. Tarun reprimands KT for marrying Preeti, who is his dad’s widow. Rati accuses Preeti for hiding her affair with KT.

She asks Preeti if this was her masterplan to marry KT in front of his ex-wife. Tarun tells Rati that the sindoor is meaningless, marriage doesn’t happen this time if KT fills sindoor in her hairline. He wants Preeti to wash off the sindoor. Nandini asks KT not to love his business partner. KT confesses that he loves Preeti a lot, she is a true soul, unlike Nandini. He tells that he will be marrying Preeti.

Kusum asks Preeti to accept KT’s love and their relation, which will give happiness to both of them. Preeti wants an answer from KT. Kusum asks her not to break KT’s heart. She tells that fate brought her with KT. She wants Preeti to accept the fate and KT’s partnership for life. Tarun asks Kusum to stop corrupting Preeti’s mind. He tells that Preeti will never accept KT. Kusum tells that Preeti didn’t fall in love with her husband, she never got respect from her husband.

She reminds that Preeti didn’t get any happiness from her husband, now she will get love from KT. She tells that Preeti will marry KT. She asks him to do a duty of a good son and support his mother. Rati opposes Preeti. She tells that Preeti trapped a rich man for a good future. Kusum rebukes Rati, who insults Preeti. Tarun tells that Preeti can never have a second marriage. Preeti breaks into tears. Kusum wants to know her reply. KT tells the pandit that he isn’t going to marry. He thinks Preeti will never agree for the marriage. Preeti returns to support KT surprisingly.

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