Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Update Abhi in shock

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Update Abhi in shock

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Update Abhi in shock Pragya cries a lot for her other daughter Rhea. She had kept the gifts for Rhea. She regrets to stay away from Rhea and not make her love reach Rhea. She sheds tears of sorrow, which sinks Prachi’s heart. Prachi happens to see Pragya crying for Rhea and gets emotional. Sarita can’t see Pragya dealing with her pain. She stops Prachi from going to Pragya. She tells that Pragya should cry and lighten her heart. She feels Pragya is strong and will cope up with the sorrow.

Rhea is lost once again. She wants Pragya and gets weak emotionally. She is in a dilemma whether she should go to Pragya or not. Abhi finds Rhea madly running on the road and risking her life. He run after Rhea to save her from the accident. He stops a speeding car. Aaliya and Abhi save Rhea. Rhea doesn’t want Aaliya around. Abhi brings Rhea home and caresses her. He tells Aaliya that he wants to talk to her. Doctor informs Kohli family that Pallavi got a heart attack due to her weak heart condition. He asks the family to keep her happy.


The family doesn’t want Ranbir to trouble Pallavi. Abhi questions Aaliya if he hates his family. He tells that he feels bad when his sister hurts his wife and daughters. She tells that she is also his family. He wants to know what did she tell Rhea, that Rhea doesn’t is so emotional. He tells that Rhea felt bad and left the house. Aaliya manipulates him. She tells that Rhea is upset because of Pragya, who has proved that just Prachi is his daughter.

Abhi asks her not to make Rhea against Pragya. She asks him to see Pragya’s truth. He tells that she shouldn’t speak against Pragya. She still believes that Pragya had filed the FIR against Rhea. She tells that Pragya isn’t forgiving Rhea for their mistakes. Aaliya hates Pragya and makes it evident again. She tells him that he should see Rhea’s condition. She blames him for putting Rhea in this condition. She shuts up Abhi by putting a blame on his face. Abhi gets helpless and cries. Rhea is sorrowful about Pragya. Ranbir meets Pallavi.

She emotionally blackmails him to forget Prachi. Ranbir doesn’t want to hurt her. He asks her not to take stress. He tells that he will always be with her and never go against her. She reminds that he was leaving her for Prachi’s sake. He doesn’t want her to talk of that. She tells him that he can go to Prachi if he wants. He changes his mind. Pallavi asks him to promise her and marry Rhea, if he wants his mother’s life and happiness. Ranbir gets stressed. He thinks of his promise to Prachi. He promises Pallavi. Vikram is glad.

Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya has insulted Rhea after meeting her. She tells that Abhi should have married someone and got a mother for Rhea, then Rhea would not be so insecure. She reminds that Abhi had always refused for marriage. She tells that Pragya doesn’t want him back. She tells that he had to get every happiness for Rhea, in which he has failed. He tells that he loves Rhea a lot and doesn’t need to prove it to anyone. She tells him that he should get a mother for Rhea, who loves her, unlike Pragya who isn’t ready to accept Rhea. She further shocks him by asking him to marry Meera. Abhi can’t believe this.

She tells that he has to move on so that Pragya doesn’t pull him back. She wants him to remarry and give Pragya’s place to someone else. He tells her that he loves Pragya a lot. Rhea questions Abhi if he doesn’t love her. Abhi tells Rhea that he loves her a lot, but he loves Pragya also. Rhea agrees with Aaliya. He asks Abhi to get a mother for her. She also hates Pragya now. She tells that Prachi has hurt her emotions. She doesn’t want punishment. She feels she is nothing for anyone. Abhi asks her not to think anything wrong. Rhea wants him to remove the negative thinking. She doesn’t want to be called the unluckiest girl in the family.

Abhi struggles to prove that he loves love. He doesn’t want her to be insecure. Rhea demands him something which he can’t fulfill. He tells that he will do anything she asks for. She wants him to marry Meera. Abhi is in shock. Will Abhi agree to Rhea’s demand? Keep reading.

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