Yeh Rishta Revelation Naira insecure with Riddhima’s entry

Yeh Rishta Revelation Naira insecure with Riddhima's entry

Yeh Rishta Revelation Naira goes insecure with Riddhima’s entry Naira plans a lovely surprise for Kairav on his birthday. She buys his favorite painting material and toys to surprise him. She comes across Kairav, who is spending time with Riddhima. Naira finds it really strange that Kartik and Kairav look so comfortable with a stranger, Riddhima. She wonders if Kartik knows Riddhima well, if he knows her, then why didn’t he tell anything about her.

She wants to ask Kartik when they meet. She stays confused about Riddhima. The thoughts don’t let her focus on anything. Dadi worries that Kartik and Naira aren’t together with the kids. She wants to see them together. She calls Naira, who disconnects the call. Naira informs Dadi that they are shopping for Kairav’s birthday. Dadi doesn’t know that Kairav has become a reason for his parents’ distancing. Dadi cries that Kartik is away from home.

She doesn’t keep well and gets a nurse’s attention. Kartik and Naira want Dadi to stay well. They didn’t reveal to Dadi about Kairav’s mental state. Kairav is dealing with his fearful issues. Every time he hears about Naira or sees her, he gets a panic attack. Kartik tries to keep Kairav happy. Riddhima asks Kartik to soon tell Naira about her. Kartik and Naira meet on the building terrace by tricking the watchman.

The watchman doesn’t know that they are married to each other. He thinks that they have an affair and secretly hiding it from the world. He gets a proof of their affair from the CCTV footage. He wants to complain about them to the secretary so that Kartik and Naira get confronted. Kartik spends romantic time with Naira. He hugs her and feels all the joy of the world. Riddhima calls him to discuss about Kairav. Naira asks Kartik about Riddhima.

She tells him that she has seen him with Riddhima in the market. Kartik is left with no option than to tell her the entire truth. Naira wants to know who is Riddhima and how does Kairav know her. She has seen Kairav being at ease with Riddhima. Kartik thinks he shouldn’t hide the matter any more. He reveals to Naira something so shocking that she didn’t expect. She learns that Kairav is undergoing counselling. Kartik tells her that Riddhima is Kairav’s counsellor.

Kartik’s revelation makes Naira much worried. Naira can’t believe that her son is facing so much pain because she had scared him by losing his faith. She didn’t wish to hurt Kairav ever. She tells Kartik that she is really a bad mother. Kartik asks Naira not to blame herself or feel guilty, since she is the world’s best mother. He tells that she has always done good for Kairav. He cheers her up by asking her to meet Kairav. He tells that Kairav is sleeping and won’t see her. Naira gets happy to see her son after many days.

She tells Kartik that a month passed and they have to stay away until Kairav wants her back. She fears that Riddhima may snatch Kairav. She doesn’t want Riddhima around Kairav. She asks Kartik to just take care of Kairav and not involve Riddhima again. Kartik asks her not to take Riddhima in a negative way. Kartik and Naira get happy and click a selfie with Kairav to send it to Dadi. Kairav wakes up. He sees Naira and is terrified. Kartik hides Naira from Kairav’s sight. He pacifies a frightened Kairav. Naira feels Kairav’s pain.

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