Anupama Vanraj clash 4th December 2020 Written Update

Anupama Vanraj clash 4th December 2020 Written Update

Anupama Vanraj clash 4th December 2020 Written Update Vanraj finally returns home. He isn’t able to adjust in Kavya’s house. Leela is very happy to see her son back. She is surprised that he has really come back. She runs to welcome him. Hasmukh isn’t happy to see Vanraj. He tells that Vanraj has lost in a day’s time and came back. Vanraj shocks them by telling that he has come back with an empty bag to pick up some stuff, that’s very important for him. Hasmukh tells that Vanraj has lost everything.

Vanraj tells that its life that he will win and lose, if he lost few things today, then he will win it back tomorrow. Leela asks him to come inside the house. She gets him inside. Anupama goes to inform the children. Pakhi doesn’t want to study. Paritosh asks her to study well for the exams. Anupama tells them that Vanraj has come home. She wants them to meet Vanraj. Pakhi runs to meet Vanraj. She tells him that she missed him a lot. She asks him if he has come back. Vanraj tells that he has come to take some work files.

He gives money to Leela to do his duty towards the family. He tells that even if he is away from the family, he will do his duty. Anupama and Hasmukh stop him from giving money. Anupama tells that she will handle her family’s expenses. She doesn’t want a favor from Vanraj. Hasmukh tells that he can take care of the family. He asks Vanraj to do anything for the children but not the parents. Vanraj asks Paritosh to enroll in a practical course and not spoil his future. He gives the fees for the course.

He tells Paritosh that he will do his duty towards his children. He wants to snatch the entire family from Anupama so that she falls lonely. He wants to defeat her. He fails to talk to Samar. Samar doesn’t listen to him. Vanraj goes to his room to take his stuff. He asks Pakhi to help him. Samar sees Nandini, who is repairing her cycle at the repair shop. They don’t talk. They seem like they had a break up. Their love story didn’t start at all.

Samar wishes that Nandini accepts his love. Nandini wants to end their silence. She tells Samar that she needs to talk to him. She invites him for coffee. Vanraj asks Pakhi to support him and come with him, since he is feeling lonely there. He asks her to support Kavya. Pakhi is confused. She can’t do wrong with Anupama. He tells her that he can’t explain her about Anupama and his issues. He tells that he loves Pakhi a lot, he wants to take her along. Pakhi agrees to go with him. He gets happy. Anupama knew that he had come to divide the family. Anupama Vanraj clash happens once again.

She gets upset that he is taking Pakhi along. Leela asks Anupama to make food for Vanraj. She tells that she can’t see her son hungry, Kavya can’t make anything that he likes, he would be empty-stomach by now. Anupama tells that she will make the food for Vanraj quickly. Kavya thinks Vanraj felt bad of her behavior. She decides to prepare dinner for him. Vanraj wants Pakhi to pack her bags. He tells Leela that he will not have dinner with them and go. Leela and Pakhi insist Vanraj and stop him for dinner. Anupama serves the food to him. Vanraj thinks he will not spare her and insult her further. Samar stops Anupama and serves the food to his dad.

Vanraj likes the home made food. He eats the food adequately since he was missing the home made food. He gets Kavya’s call. He doesn’t tell her that he is at his home. Kavya gets to hear Leela’s voice. She thinks if Vanraj has gone home. She doesn’t know if its true. She goes to his house to see him with his family. She finds him dining with the family. She feels strange that he went back to family. Vanraj challenges Anupama that he will snatch her relations. Anupama isn’t scared of him. He receives the same upsetting behavior from Kavya. Kavya threatens Vanraj so that he doesn’t go back to his family again.

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