Choti Sardarni Meher in danger 7th December Written Update

Choti Sardarni Meher in danger 7th December Written Update

Choti Sardarni Meher in danger 7th December Written Update Pathak informs Aditi about Vikram and Karan’s blood relation. He tells that Vikram is Karan’s real father. Aditi can’t believe the DNA reports. She shatters with the truth. Pathak takes revenge on Sarabjeet. He tells that he will make Sarabjeet lose his entire family. Sarabjeet and Harleen meet Aditi to tell her the matter. Aditi is much upset. She tells them that someone called her and told her about Sarabjeet’s big deceive. She tells that she regarded him the best brother, but he has stabbed her trust. She tells him that he isn’t her brother now.

Sarabjeet worries for her asthma condition. Aditi tells that he has cheated her and has lost rights to keep any terms with her. She tells that she has lost her family because of Meher. She doesn’t love the family who has cheated them. She collapses down. Sarabjeet and Harleen worry for Aditi. Aditi doesn’t take their help. They try to find out the matter which has made her so upset. Aditi asks the reason for hiding the huge truth.

Aditi feels her own family is her enemy. She tells them that Sarabjeet always did a drama to show love for her, the relations were just a pretence. She feels Sarabjeet has ruined her life by breaking her trust. She angrily curses him to never attain happiness in his life. Sarabjeet informs Meher that someone has already informed the truth to Aditi. Meher asks him to be with Aditi. She feels guilty again. She apologizes to Sarabjeet.


He tells that nothing has changed for them, they will win back Aditi by explaining their situation. He asks her to give some time to Aditi. She gets into a dilemma. She faces the reality. She fears that Aditi will ruin her life by getting separated from Manav. She doesn’t want to leave her family and run away like cowards, but she can’t see Sarabjeet getting defamed. She refuses to leave Sarabjeet and the family. She knows the family is suffering because of her.

She doesn’t want to leave them in the moment of sorrow, when she is responsible for it. She breaks down when her guilt gets too high to handle. She feels sorry for Sarabjeet. She can’t see Sarabjeet blamed by Aditi. She regrets that her past has threatened her present. She cries and hugs Param and Karan. Aditi realizes why Vikram called Karan a special one. She feels Karan is Vikram’s son, the sign of his love with Meher. She operates a patient. She loses her focus. She imagines Vikram and Meher.

She successfully finishes the operation. She feels Sarabjeet has cheated her. She doesn’t want to forgive Meher. She gets dizzy by the stress. She struggles in the operation theatre. A co-surgeon frames Aditi in the case of negligence. She works on Pathak’s orders to ruin Aditi’s medical career. Harleen calls Robby to know about his whereabouts. Robby realizes that Sarabjeet didn’t tell anything to Harleen. He lies to her about his important meeting. Harleen tells Sarabjeet about Robby’s meeting. Sarabjeet reveals Robby’s lies to her.

He tells her that he had ousted Robby from the house, since Robby helped Vikram in getting DNA sample of Karan, Robby joined Pathak to blackmail them. Harleen apologizes to him. She feels her husband will never change. Meher reaches there to meet Aditi. Harleen asks Meher not to create a ruckus and just go away. Meher wants to explain Aditi about the past. They learn that Aditi left from the hospital, since she got suspended for her mistake. Aditi gets accused for negligence and risking patient’s life. Aditi is innocent in the case, but suffers. She gets frustrated with her life. She ignores Vikram’s call. Sarabjeet feels that Aditi had made the mistake because of her emotional stress. Meher turns worried for Aditi. They don’t want Aditi to harm herself.

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