Choti Sardarni 9th December 2020 Written Update Tension toll

Choti Sardarni 9th December 2020 Written Update Tension toll

Choti Sardarni 9th December 2020 Written Update Tension toll Aditi gets convinced that Vikram has moved on and forgotten Meher. She realizes his longing for his son Karan. She wants to help him out, since she can’t see him in sorrow. Manav behaves nicely with her on his lawyer Devika’s advice. He wants Aditi to help him and takes her in confidence. Aditi decides to unite Manav and his son, if it can help her stay happy in her marriage. Aditi gets convinced that Karan should be with Karan.

She reaches Gill mansion with a proposal. Sarabjeet and Harleen are glad that Aditi came back to them and didn’t break off their relations. Aditi tells them that she got her family for the first time in life, so she has decided to let go the past and move on. She doesn’t want to lose them. She asks them if they want the same, if they are ready to make any sacrifice to keep relations with her.

Vikram accompanies her and stays silent while she makes a deal with Sarabjeet. Aditi tells them that she will forget everything if they accept her condition. Sarabjeet gives his word that he can do anything for her. He asks Aditi to make any wish. Aditi demands Karan’s custody for Vikram. Meher is left in shock. Sarabjeet wants to do anything for her happiness. He can’t decide about Karan’s custody alone without Meher’s consent. What will Meher decide now? Will Meher and Sarabjeet give away Karan to Vikram? What do you think? Should Meher give away her child to Manav for the sake of Aditi’s future? Comment your views and Keep reading.

Sarabjeet and Meher tell Param about the birds who stay in the nest protected. She wants to protect her children too. Sarabjeet knows that Meher is upset. He tries to make her happy. He knows that Aditi will come back to them. Aditi feels sorry that she has slapped Vikram in rage. She tells that she can understand his sorrow and longing for Karan. Param makes a wish to have an outing. Sarabjeet and Meher take Param and Karan to the park. They make a cute house for themselves.

Param tells that they will always be together. Meher tells that Aditi will also stay with them. Param tells that the dummy house can break if they add another room in it. Meher asks him not to worry. Sarabjeet tells that they will make the house with love. Vikram asks Aditi to support him. He wants Aditi to give mother’s love to Karan. He tells that she has to testify in court that she will become Karan’s mother. He tells that they will get their happiness back when they get Karan. He cries that he was an orphan before, but now he has Seema as his mother. He promises that he will fill happiness in Aditi’s life.

Aditi tells him that he doesn’t need to go to the court for Karan’s custody. Aditi tells him that she will get Karan easily from Sarabjeet and Meher. Param gets troubled by some boys in the park, when Sarabjeet and Meher are away. Param dislikes the kids. Sarabjeet and Meher come back and find the boys troubling Param. Sarabjeet comes ahead to defend his son. Param demands the boys to apologize. Meher asks the boys to say sorry for their mistake. Sarabjeet challenges the boys for a cricket match so that they lose and apologize to Param. Sarabjeet plays a cricket match. He wins the match.

Vikram wants to know Aditi’s plan. She tells him that she will make an emotional strike and get Karan. She tells that his efforts were wrong, she will put the right efforts and shake up the family. She wants to bring out the huge secret of the Gill family. He gets curious to know the matter. Sarabjeet and Meher reach home. They get surprised to meet Aditi at home. Aditi wants Harleen to support her. Harleen tells that she will always support her. Aditi tells that she has taken a decision to forgive everyone, but on one condition. Sarabjeet tells Aditi that he will give anything to her, the family’s happiness is because of her.

Aditi asks him to think before making a promise. Sarabjeet asks her to just ask. Aditi asks Sarabjeet to give Karan to Vikram, so that they stay happy. Sarabjeet and Meher refuse to Aditi. Aditi uses her mother’s past secret against them. She throws Sarabjeet and Meher out of the house. Harleen slaps Aditi in anger. Aditi wants Sarabjeet and Meher to live a life of poverty. Meher and Sarabjeet get homeless. They suffer in their lives because of Aditi’s rage.

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  1. Yes,for sure Meher must give Karan to Manav as it is Manav child 👶
    Meher can’t have all happiness in her side what about Manav she is not thinking 🤔 on Manav child 👶 she is doing injustice to Manav
    Sharab is too much to hurt Manav
    Meher married sharab because she loves Manav child 👶 a lot not sharab
    Sharab is not good with Manav
    Meher is doing over acting 🎭 🦵 this Meher out from serial
    The child 👶 must be given to Manav or the serial is wrongly shown and wast 👎

  2. Meher and sarab shouldn’t give karan to manav. No mother can live without her child. Aditi is with manav. Aditi can give him their own child. 👶👶

  3. True if Aditi wants to get the happiness in her marriage then she have to give birth to her own child but never and sharab shouldn’t give karan to them as no mother will be able to stay from their child. Moreover manav is only behaving well with Aditi for the sake of his son but he has not let go of member completely.

  4. Okay okay I know manav face iinjustice in the pass but still meher didn’t give up she fights for her unborn child to live just because of manav and sarab accepted meher n her unborn child n he love both of them so both manav n sarab deserves karan.manav should thank meher that she fight for both of they last memory which is karan so he is so sselfish to fight for karan for his self n then he emotionally blackmailing his wife.shame on u manav


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