Ishq Mein Marjawan New challenge 10th December Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan New challenge 10th December Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan New challenge 10th December Written Update Ishani exposes Vihaan as fake Vansh planted by Riddhima in the house for the property’s sake. Ishani assists Kabir in his plan unknowingly. Kabir also wanted to prove that Vihaan is the impersonator who has come to snatch Vansh’s property from the family. He tells Dadi that he is a policeman and know such criminals who enter rich families with fake identities for the sake of money. Dadi is disheartened when the entire blame comes on Vansh’s widow Riddhima.

Dadi can’t believe it ever that Riddhima can cheat her. Her heart doesn’t testify this. She wants to give another chance to Riddhima. Kabir proves Vihaan as a doppelganger by his investigative interrogation. He blames Riddhima for playing with the family’s emotions. Vihaan doesn’t get a chance to help out Riddhima. Dadi slaps Riddhima in rage. She tells Riddhima that after Vansh left them, she has seen Vansh’s wife in Vansh’s place, but Riddhima doesn’t deserve the respect. She feels Riddhima proved her wrong.

Riddhima pleads for a chance to prove that Vihaan is Vansh. She knows it will be tough, but she has to recall the old memories to find some way to prove him as Vansh.

Dadi agrees to give her a final chance, after which she will be punishing Riddhima. Ishani gets the evidences against Vihaan. Kabir tells that he will arrest Vihaan for cheating the family for the sake of property. Riddhima tells that she didn’t want the property for herself, but for the family. Dadi promises to punish Riddhima if she fails to prove herself. Riddhima gets a big challenge and doesn’t know if any miracle will happen to save her.

Riddhima knows that the family will not accept any answers from Vihaan. She tries hard to tell them that Vihaan is Vansh. Kabir tells that he will arrest Riddhima as well. Riddhima knows that Kabir has done everything to trap Vihaan. Anupriya fuels the fire further. She tells them that Riddhima has done everything for property. Aryan adds that Riddhima wanted to rush with the property transfer and wanted their NOC. Dadi asks Vihaan to stay away from them. Kabir tells Vihaan that he will handle the entire family.

He declares his verdict that Riddhima and Vihaan are under arrest. Dadi feels Riddhima has insulted them. She gives a big ultimatum to Riddhima. She tells that she will kill herself if Riddhima fails to prove the truth in 3 hours. Riddhima doesn’t want Dadi to hurt himself. Kabir doesn’t trust Vihaan and Riddhima. He tells that they will be running away. Riddhima tells that Kabir has lock up Vihaan if he wants. She wants to get a proof in Vihaan’s favor. Kabir likes the idea.

He doesn’t think Riddhima can prove anything. He asks her to go away. Vihaan thinks Riddhima has learnt making big plans. Kabir stops Riddhima from meeting Vihaan. Riddhima tells that she has a right to meet her husband.

She wants to find some way. Kabir doesn’t think Riddhima can do anything to change the game. He lets them talk. Vihaan tells her that they have lost and Kabir has won. Riddhima asks him to lessen his stress. She doesn’t want to lose. She tells that he should get relaxed. He asks her plan. She tells that she has thought of a plan. Kabir wants her to not waste time and leave. Riddhima taunts Kabir. She hugs Vihaan to tell her plan. She asks her to stay confident as Vansh. Riddhima makes prayers to change the game in her favor.

Riddhima wants Angre to help her in finding the truth. She wants to prove Vihaan as Vansh in two hours to save Dadi’s life. Angre reprimands her for trying to harm Ishani and her baby. He tells Riddhima that she won’t get any help or respect from him, since Vansh is no more. He doesn’t accept her request. He reprimands her for her smart evil. Riddhima pleads to him, but fails. Kabir gets angered on Aryan when he learns that they are being blackmailed by the drug seller who sold the poison to them. He asks Aryan to give the money to the drug seller before they get exposed. He hopes Aryan doesn’t make any mistake. Aryan takes the money for the drug seller.

He pays the money and wants him to leave. He leaves him with a warning. Kabir tells Vihaan that his game will be over soon. He asks Vihaan to learn something new. Vihaan tells Kabir that its easy to create a dummy drug seller to trap Aryan. He reveals that Aryan is caught now. Angre poses as the drug seller on Riddhima’s request. Riddhima had convinced Angre that Vihaan isn’t wrong. She tells Angre that Vansh is being targeted by a new conspiracy.

Angre helps her for the sake of Vansh. He realizes that Riddhima was right, Aryan was trying to harm Ishani and the baby. He criticizes Aryan for his evil. He tells that he will drag Aryan to the family and expose him. Kabir doesn’t think Vihaan and Riddhima can prove anything. Vihaan stays relaxed. He tells that big games don’t end on a small note. He adds that Riddhima had kept Kabir on house arrest. He is proud of Riddhima, who is far smarter than Kabir. He tells that Riddhima had made the plan to expose Kabir and Aryan.

He tells that Kabir has underestimated smart Riddhima. He reveals that Riddhima was in touch with him on the phone chat. He pities Kabir and insults him for the poor plan to involve a house servant. Angre exposes Angre in front of the family, which clears Vihaan’s name. Aryan accepts that he had added the poison in the Gangajal to trap Vansh. This shocks the family. Ishani turns upset with Aryan. Will Riddhima get a clean chit for Vihaan and win Dadi’s trust? Keep reading.

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