Ishq Mein Marjawan Kabir shocker 16th December 2020 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th December 2020 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan Kabir shocker 16th December 2020 Written Update There are huge twists coming in the episode. Riddhima gets the photo from the locker. She realizes that Vihaan also knew Vansh and still hid the facts from her. She doesn’t want Vihaan to play a game with the entire family. She wants to confront him and get the answers. She proves Vansh’s faith on her, since she is smart enough to find out any hidden secrets. Riddhima finds Kabir spying on her. She hides from him. She doesn’t want him to know the big secret which can ruin the family. She goes to ask Vihaan.

Vihaan doesn’t want to divulge any details about the secret. She wants to know why did he lie to her that he doesn’t know Vansh. He tells her that some secrets look beautiful like fire to see it from far, but when they go close to know it, it gets harmful and dangerous for them. He asks her not to dig out the truth, else it will be a big storm. He refuses to answer her anything about the past. He tells her that she will be safe until she digs the secret.

Riddhima hides the picture in the secret locker so that nobody knows it. Riddhima makes sure that none in the family get to see the picture which shows that Vihaan isn’t Vansh. She gets hell bent to find the secret at any cost. She gets into a moment with Vihaan, just like Vansh. She remembers Vansh and turns emotional again. Vihaan gets attracted to her. Kabir reaches her room to get the picture from the safe. He gets the picture and is super shocked by the truth that Vihaan isn’t Vansh. The picture proves this easily.


He wants to expose Riddhima for getting the imposter home. He thinks Riddhima will have no answer for the family. Vihaan wishes Riddhima on her birthday. He tells that he is a hacker and can get any information about her. He tells that he has a surprise for her. Kabir plans a huge surprise for the family. He tells that its a surprise for Riddhima, a special video to revive her good memories. He actually plants that picture in the middle of the video to shock the family. Riddhima has no idea that the picture got stolen from the safe. Kabir finds Riddhima happily performing with Vihaan. He decides to ruin down her happiness in one big strike.

Vihaan tells Riddhima that he knew Vansh, he got many tips from Vansh about the family. He tells that he will give all her answers in her birthday party, in which he has planned something really special. Riddhima doesn’t know how he has agreed so easily. He tells her that the secret isn’t safe. He wants her to know that she can’t hide the truth for long. She realizes that the picture is stolen. Riddhima dreams that Dadi got to know the truth and committed suicide in rage. She tells that Dadi should never know the truth, else she will really take her life. Vihaan doesn’t know Riddhima’s motives.

He thinks Riddhima is still after money. Dadi gives a surprise to Riddhima. She asks Riddhima to cut the birthday cake. Vihaan wishes Riddhima on her birthday and gifts her a money garland to insult her. Riddhima gets an upsetting surprise from Ishani, who makes sure to spoil the celebrations. Dadi tells Riddhima that Kabir is regretting for his misdeeds. She tells that Kabir has planned a surprise for Riddhima on her birthday.

Riddhima knows that Kabir has stolen the picture and he will not spare her easily. She wants Vihaan to help her out. Kabir tells that he has planned a great party for Riddhima’s birthday which will please Vansh as well. Vihaan tells that its a big thing that Kabir has cleared his heart. He also knows that Kabir can’t change. Both Vihaan and Riddhima prepare to counter Kabir’s plans and make efforts in advance to save themselves from the exposure.

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