Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2020 Written Update Mystery enemy

Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2020 Written Update Mystery enemy

Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2020 Written Update Mystery enemy A new enemy enters the scene while Abhi and Pragya are seen fighting the robbers. The enemy has plotted the robbery. He watches the robbery news on the channel. Saaho promises to nab the culprits and arrest them in an hour. Meera begs him to safely get Abhi and Rhea outside. Saaho tells that he will bring out all the people safely. He tells that Abhi will land in big trouble if the robbers know that he is a celebrity. Prachi comes out and meets Saaho. She tells him that the robbers want the key, they threatened to kill Abhi and others.

Saaho asks Ramnik to give the keys, since many lives are in risk. Meera and Prachi beg Ramnik to tell them about the key. Ramnik tells them that he has hidden the key under a stool. Saaho asks Prachi to go and tell the same details to the robbers. He assures that he will nab the culprits before they escape. He asks Ramnik not to worry for the necklace. The robbers ask them to pray for their lives. They tell that if Prachi doesn’t come back, then they will be gone. The enemy Goga calls Guru and tells that they will be safe only if they get the necklace.

Goga threatens to kill them. Guru tells that he has taken the advance from Goga, if they fail to get the necklace, then they will be dead. They fear the punishment from Goga, who is a devil in human form. They are scared of Goga’s terror. Aaliya reaches the showroom. She meets Meera. She tells that Abhi and family will be rescued. Ranbir reaches there and learns about Prachi. He wants to go there and save Prachi. Aryan and Aaliya stop Ranbir’s arrest.

Aryan tells that he will explain Ranbir. Ranbir tells Aryan that Prachi is also inside. Prachi reaches the robbers and tells them that she got to know about the keys. She tells that Ramnik has told about the key location. Tony asks Prachi to come with her, they will find the key. He tells that everyone will die if Prachi is lying. Abhi wants to go with them. He wants to protect Prachi. Prachi gets emotional seeing Abhi’s love for her. She wants to be with her mum and dad together. Rhea sides her insecurities and wishes for Prachi’s welfare. Will Abhi and Pragya be able to find the locker key and save the people stuck in the showroom? What do you think of the progressing story? What’s lacking in the plot? Keep reading.

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  1. The plot is very good, abhi and pragya are good at these action scenes and in most cases it reunites them and bring them closer,… Just hope they wont drag the Meer plot, we are still waiting for a season where they do not separate again, bring out the comedy in abhi, the action the victories and keep them as a couple..


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