StarPlus Colors Spoilers Prime Time Upcoming Top 2

StarPlus Colors Spoilers Prime Time Upcoming Top 2

StarPlus Colors Spoilers Prime Time Upcoming Top 2 Paritosh and Kinjal are happy together. Anupama blesses them. Rakhi feels Kinjal is getting happy by marrying a loser. She gets upset. Kavya is also upset when she receives a video of Anupama’s celebrations. She wants to ruin Anupama’s happiness. Rakhi tells Paritosh that she wants to gift a honeymoon trip as per Kinjal’s choice. She tells that she has arranged their trip to Norway. Paritosh is happy with the VIP treatment received from Rakhi. Vanraj stops Rakhi from showing her richness. Rakhi tells that she wants to give happiness to the children.

She tells that Paritosh will enjoy his first international holiday. Paritosh is grateful to Rakhi. Vanraj wants Paritosh to keep his esteem and not accept the help. Rakhi tells that she has agreed for the low class marriage for the sake of Kinjal’s happiness. She taunts that Leela and Anupama can’t arrange a good honeymoon trip for Paritosh and Kinjal. She kinds of insults them. Kinjal understands what Rakhi is trying to do, that she is demeaning her in-laws. She asks Rakhi to leave from her Sangeet. She doesn’t want to tolerate Rakhi insulting Anupama.

Anupama asks Kinjal to refuse for the gift with a calm mind. Vanraj tells that Paritosh and Kinjal can go if they wish. Kinjal tells that she doesn’t want to go until she finishes her exams. Rakhi is clear that Paritosh will come in her trap, since Kinjal has fallen in Anupama’s trap. Rakhi clicks Vanraj and Anupama’s pictures to send to Kavya. She wants the pictures to help her in the plans. She takes Paritosh for a talk. Anupama knows that Rakhi will not mend her way. She goes after Rakhi to find out the truth.


Rakhi tells Paritosh that she isn’t against him after the marriage. She wants Paritosh and Kinjal to be happy. She tells that she wants to make him the company’s MD and also give them all the luxuries. She wants him to take a stand for Kinjal’s wishes. She tells that she is aware of the financial crisis in his family. She tells that she doesn’t want her daughter to kill her dreams. Paritosh tells that Rakhi didn’t do anything wrong. He can’t thank her enough. Kinjal knows Rakhi and her plans well. She reprimands Rakhi for her clever plans.

She tells that Rakhi is creating issues between them. Anupama wants Kinjal to not misbehave with Rakhi. Paritosh and Kinjal get into a fight. Rakhi tells them that she isn’t ruining their happiness. Anupama pleads her to calm down. She realizes that Rakhi wanted Paritosh and Kinjal to fight. Rakhi tells Anupama that she will burn their family and happiness in no time. Anupama tells Rakhi that their battle may hurt Kinjal. She alerts Rakhi that she will lose Kinjal one day in an attempt to separate Kinjal from Shah family. She begs Rakhi to target her, but spare her children. Rakhi takes her advice.

Vanraj and Anupama discuss about Rakhi. He tells Anupama that he will not tolerate Rakhi. He is silent just for the sake of Paritosh. Rakhi wants to join hands with Kavya. Kavya finishes a video call with Vanraj and leaves him suspecting her. He sees a shadow behind and wonders if Anirudh paid her a visit. Kavya doesn’t want him to know about Rakhi. Rakhi and Kavya prepare a huge drama in Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. Kavya barges into the marriage, and gets into a stern tiff with Anupama. Anupama slaps Kavya to teach her a lesson.

Barrister Babu:
Anirudh wakes up in the morning. He comes across the village girl acting as Shubra in front of the family. The girl performs the morning aarti in Roy Choudhary household. He stops the aarti and puja. He questions her about coming home and entering the temple area. He asks by whose permission did she come. Trilochan tells that he has got Shubra home. Anirudh tells that the girl isn’t Shubra, she can never be his mum. He finds a way to test the girl. He tells that Trilochan’s locker was just accessible by Shubra.

He asks Shubra to open the locker and prove her identity if she can. Bondita tells that its a test for her. She asks the girl to find the right key and open the locker. Munshi helps the girl in opening the locker. He makes her win the faith of the family. Even Anirudh seems convinced. The girl prepares a sweetdish and adds poison in it. She asks Anirudh to have sweets by her hands. Bondita asks the girl to eat sweets first and then feed it to Anirudh. She tries to unmask the truth behind the fake Shubra.

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