Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Abhi Meera engaged

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Abhi Meera engaged

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Abhi Meera engaged Guru warns Rhea to come out and not test his patience. He tries to catch Rhea. Prachi worries for Rhea. She doesn’t want Rhea to get caught by the goons. She surrenders to them to save Rhea. She tries to mislead them. Rhea gets selfish and stops Ranbir from saving Prachi. Guru tells that he will make Prachi pay for Rhea’s mistake. He runs after Prachi and catches her. He asks her to call Rhea out.

Ranbir bravely fights with the goons to save Prachi. Guru tells that he will be killing Ranbir if Rhea doesn’t come out. Guru tells that Prachi is responsible for angering him. Ranbir doesn’t deter and fights them. Goga tells that he will kill everyone if they act smart. He threatens to kill Pragya, whom he likes a lot. He realizes that Abhi and Pragya love each other, since they show their worry for each other. Abhi and Pragya take a stand and fight the goons. Abhi gets glad to see her concern for him, which shows her love. Abhi and Pragya get into a moment.

They tackle Goga and the robbers gang. Baljeet and Sarita get happy and hopeful watching Abhi and Pragya together. Inspector Saaho arrests Goga and gang. Baljeet angrily slaps Goga. Aaliya knows that Meera will get close to Abhi in front of Pragya and make her jealous. Pragya does the aid to Abhi and cares for him. Meera tells Aaliya that she will always worship Abhi and love him, Pragya is his love. She doesn’t want to come between Abhi and Pragya.


Aaliya asks Meera to become Abhi’s wife. She asks Meera how can she leave such a big chance. Abhi is overjoyed that Pragya is with him. Baljeet tells Sarita that Aaliya is against Pragya. Meera gets upset. Abhi runs after Meera to console her. Ranbir and the family are still dealing with the goons. Prachi risks his life for Prachi. They fight together for each other. Rhea gets scared for Ranbir’s life. Guru points the gun at them. Inspector Saaho and his team arrest Guru and the remaining robbers as well. Guru promises to come back and take revenge.

Rhea wants to know if things are fine for Abhi and Meera. They learn that Abhi and Meera’s engagement is going to happen. Pallavi sends Rhea for the engagement. Prachi doesn’t listen to Ranbir and goes to Pragya. Abhi apologizes to Meera. Meera confesses her love and respect for Abhi. Abhi knows her emotions are true. Abhi asks her to stop crying. Pragya witnesses Abhi consoling Meera. She feels bad. She wants to go away.

Abhi and Meera return for the engagement. Seeing the differences between Rhea and Prachi, Abhi decides to get engaged to Meera. Pragya gives the statement to Saaho. She tells that Meera informed about the danger to everyone. Rhea tells that Meera is her would be mom and deserves the necklace. She tries to make Pragya jealous. Ranbir is relieved to be with his family. Dida tells that he had risked his life for Prachi’s sake. Abhi and Meera’s engagement happens in front of Pragya and Prachi. Abhi gets helpless and exchanges the rings.

Meera finds the ring unfit for her. Meera tells that she will handle it. Baljeet tells that the ring belongs to someone else, Pragya. Pragya cries watching the ring in Meera’s finger. She didn’t know Abhi will give her place to Meera. Abhi and Pragya have an argument again. Pragya tells that she is happy for his engagement. She eats the sweets to tell him that she is much happy for his new start. Abhi is hurt. Purab returns to their lives. Purab learns about Abhi and Meera’s engagement. He tells that he will never let the marriage happen. He tells that he will light up the mandap and break the marriage.

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  1. Abhi keeps on hurting Pragya. Give Pragya someone that will truly love her and respect and trust her. Since the beginning Abhi never trusted Pragya and all she did was lo e and respect him. He does not love Pragya. He goes not even think of Prachi but he get the best father award my foot.

  2. How can Abi even marry Meera when he’s still married to Pragya. It’s all about him and his selfish daughter Rhea. Aaliya is the worst individual I have ever seen

  3. Make Aaliya’s lies all be exposed, for once make her crumble to her knees, because she always gets away with everything and make Rhea’s crimes also be exposed to Ranbir’s family,

  4. Kum kum Bhagya’s creativeness is running out. Same storyline all the time. . How many times they get kidnapped or held up by robbers or in an accident . Even after 20 years Abhi and Pragya dont stand a chance being together as a couple. . The original plot is lost.

    • I support your view. Let Pragya and Abhi twist end. Of course Abhi should be too old to remarry. Let them settle down for grand parents role.

  5. I want to ask?
    The writer of this soap why does he always make good people suffer not even in real life people go through so much pressure Why drag on just expose
    All the bad things going on an get to the dam point why drg this on its becoming the same thing over an over

  6. This writer had loss his himself along the way and has moved from a beautiful love story to bitterness, hate , anger and jealousy has make a couple who has been married for 30yrs or so to live together for about one year without conflict to come together and bare three girls with pure love one one side and a mixture of love ,hate and anger on the other. I am still hoping for a grand outcome and a beautiful ending.its about time.

  7. I used to love to see Abigya together. Abhi doesnt think for his self always blaming Pragya for all the bad things happening. Hes the one who asked Pragya to go away n never come back when Dadi died n when Kiara died. Hes also to be blamed for Kiaras death.
    From the begining of the serial hes wanted to merry Tanu three times he decided himself n Aliya had a say too. They went till the Mandapam two times. But when he saw pragya with king he was so upset n angry with her. He treated Pragya badly n never trusted her. She always had to fight n proof she was innercount. Very sad 6 years of the show n still shes proving herself to him. Whenever Aliya or Rhee says he agrees. Why he cant say he cant merry Meera. Pragya would hv been happier with King. Pragya wasted her life saving Abhi each time he was in danger n this is what she gets. So many negative people in this show. Aliya Tanu Raj Nikhil Rhea Maya her uncle n now Palavi. Kumkum Bhagya started as A Beautiful Love Story n now theres no love jealousy anger greedy poisonous revenge.


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