Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2020 Written Update Purab returns

Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2020 Written Update Purab returns

Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2020 Written Update Purab returns Rhea shares her happiness that Meera has become her mother. Prachi finds Rhea stumbling and handles her. Aaliya congratulates Pragya in a way to insult her. She hands over the sweets to Pragya. She asks Pragya to be happy for Abhi’s new start. Pragya had thought to stop his engagement with Meera and make her wear the ring. Abhi tells that she would have thought to stop his engagement, but it didn’t happen.

Pragya tells that its good that he moved on, she will see if he will keep the new relation. She eats the sweets to prove that she is happy. He also eats the sweets to prove the same. They both stay in their ego and are hurt. Pragya wants to leave as soon as possible. Sarita wants to rebuke Aaliya. Prachi takes Sarita to Aaliya so that Sarita can take Aaliya’s class. Prachi tells that she can’t see Aaliya insulting Pragya. Sarita lectures Aaliya.

She asks Aaliya if she can’t see Abhi’s love for Pragya. She threatens Aaliya that she will curse her. She tells that she will ruin her plan. She promises to always try to bring Abhi and Pragya together. Pragya congratulates Abhi. Sarita asks Baljeet for help. Baljeet agrees to help her for Pragya’s sake. Sarita and Prachi make a leave with Pragya. Ranbir hides from Pallavi on learning her secret. He overhears her conversation with the doctor.

Pallavi asks the doctor not to tell her family that she is totally healthy now, she has no heart problem. Doctor tells that Ranbir and Vikram would be glad to know that she is totally fine. She tells that she hates Prachi and doesn’t want Ranbir to marry her. She requests the doctor not to tell anything to the family until Ranbir and Rhea’s matter. She promises to tell her family herself. Ranbir realizes that Pallavi had emotionally blackmailed him by lying about the fake illness. Rhea is traumatized to think of Ranbir and Prachi’s closeness.

She wants to marry Ranbir at any cost. Ranbir goes lost to the terrace. Aryan thinks he is committing suicide. Ranbir tells that he wasn’t committing suicide. Aryan tells that Prachi is heartbroken, she had no option, she doesn’t even know why is this happening with her. Ranbir wants Aryan to just know the matter first and then overreact. Aryan asks why was he doing suicide drama. Ranbir tells him that he just got to know the truth, Pallavi has lied about the heart complications, she is totally healthy, but she is fooling him about her health just because he should leave Prachi.

He feels really bad that Pallavi lied to her. He wants to confront Pallavi. Aryan is in shock for this. Sarita realizes Abhi and Pragya’s true love and their sacrifice because of Rhea and Prachi’s fight. She tells that Abhi and Pragya love each other a lot, Pragya is much hurt to lose Abhi. She tells that Abhi can’t leave Meera because of Rhea. She knows Pragya is in pain right now. Pragya is really in pain. She thinks of Abhi and her marriage. Prachi is also in pain of the heartbreak after Ranbir ditched her. Prachi forgets her pain on seeing Pragya’s pain.

She finds Pragya shattered. She wishes Pragya gets Abhi back. Abhi also sheds tears of sorrow. He gets a surprise when Purab returns home. Purab looks for his wedding invite. He tears the card. He reprimands Abhi for hiding about his marriage. He asks Abhi how can he give Pragya’s place to Meera. Abhi wants him to ask Pragya. Purab knows hat Abhi is at fault. Purab tells that he can’t see Pragya dying because of him. Abhi asks him to end the matter. Purab tells that he will solve the issue. He knows Abhi and Pragya’s journey. Abhi asks him to confront Pragya and know the truth. He tells that even he can give life for his sake.

He accuses Pragya for ending their relationship. Purab wants to stop Abhi and Meera’s marriage. He tells that he will burn the entire mandap to stop the marriage. They get emotional. Abhi asks Purab to do anything. He tells that Pragya wants freedom when she feels that he has ruined his life. He pushes Purab out of his room. He asks Purab to just leave. Purab thinks to speak to Pragya. Abhi feels Pragya’s silence has forced him to take this step.

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  1. Abhi likes blaming Pragya for all his mistakes. Why can he be a man and stand up for himself. It’s good that Pragya is letting him go otherwise he will always hurt her. He cant make his own decisions. He is a real idiot. He knows how much Pragya loves him but still he cant stand by her. I dont like Abhi anymore. Pragya and Prachi keeps on getting hurt because of Abhi is evil sister and daughter. I dont understand how he can still do this to Pragya after everything she has done for him.

  2. Abhi is simply a fool who doesn’t know what he exactly wants. I don’t even want Pragya to be with him again so that he will not hurt her again. Let her get married to a better man that will take good care of her. Pragya has really suffered for Abhi


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