Yeh Rishta Naira deadly accident 31st December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira deadly accident 31st December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira deadly accident 31st December 2020 Written Update Gayu wants to keep a puja for Vansh. She learns from the pandit that Naira had kept a puja for Vansh last week, when she came home from Mumbai. Gayu realizes that Naira really loves Vansh. She regrets her harsh words towards Naira. The family plans to have some good quality moments. Karti and Naira are really happy to see their family enjoying the magical moments. Gayu gets to hear Vansh’s positive approach, post reading the book gifted by Naira. She wants to talk to Gayu. Kartik wants to spend time with Naira.

He tells that the family isn’t interested in them. Naksh understands the growing dilemma in Gayu’s mind. He goes to share her concern. Gayu doesn’t want to share anything. Naksh asks her not to miss the golden chance. He tells that maybe time doesn’t give her another chance. Kartik admires Naira. He tells her that he would not let the moment fade away. Dadi wants them to be with the family. Kartik gets hurt, leaving Naira worried. She wants him to be careful. He tells that nothing can happen to them until they are together.

They get a happy surprise when they meet Bhabhimaa/Badi Dadi at the temple. Naira tells that she is worried on getting much happiness at the same time. She feels the happiness isn’t going to last. Bhabhimaa fails to bless them. Kairav wants to make Naira’s painting. Naira feels weak and dizzy. She tells Kairav that she will give the food to everyone. The family enjoys lunch on their outing. Naira tells that the family union is the reason of their happiness.

Kairav and Vansh stay busy in their studies and painting. Naira tells Vansh that nothing is impossible if his will-power is strong. She wants the kids to have food so that they can leave for home. Vansh sees a scorpion and alerts Kairav. He wants to save Kairav. He is inspired by Naira’s words. He also makes his limitation a strength. He gains courage and tries to get up from the wheelchair. The family witnesses a miracle on seeing the brother’s strong bond. Kairav is glad to see Vansh on his feet. Vansh alerts him of the scorpion.

The family reaches there and learns that Vansh left the wheelchair to save him from the scorpion. Gayu is pleased to know Vansh’s bravery. Vansh gives the credit to Naira for motivating him. Naira tells that they should always inspire Vansh. Gayu fails to express her feelings to Naira. Kartik tells that its just Naira’s day. He finds the family singing Naira’s praise. Gayu is happy to see Vansh walking on his own. She is thankful that her prayer is answered. Pandit tells her that Naira had prayed for Vansh’s recovery since his accident.

Gayu cleans her heart for Naira. She wants to apologize to Naira. She also makes a wish for Naira’s welfare. Naira frees Kartik and Kairav of her responsibility. Naira’s vision starts blurring, as a sign of her brain damage. Things get even worse when the family meets a deadly accident on their return from the temple. Will Naira sacrifice her life for saving Kartik and Kairav’s lives? Keep reading.

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