Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2021 Written Update Aaliya final move

Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2021 Written Update Aaliya final move

Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2021 Written Update Aaliya final move Rhea and Prachi meet at the college and get into a quarrel. Rhea asks Prachi if she really cares for Pragya’s happiness, which just lies in Abhi. She questions Prachi if she can sacrifice her love and happiness for the sake of Pragya and Abhi’s union. Rhea tells Prachi that she is rejected by everyone. Prachi begs her not to do wrong with Pragya. She is ready to make any sacrifice for Pragya. Rhea is ready to stop Abhi’s marriage with Meera if Prachi sacrifices her love, relationship and future with Ranbir. She asks Prachi to forget Ranbir and stay away from his life, if she wants to see her parents happy. She wants Prachi to promise her that she will give away her love.

She promises to return Pragya’s love. Prachi gets helpless. She can’t see Pragya crying for Abhi. She knows that Rhea and her differences are the reason for Abhi and Pragya’s separation. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s love that they have to sacrifice their love for their mothers if the circumstances arise. Prachi accepts Rhea’s deal and decides to sacrifice her love for Ranbir.

Rhea tells that she is selfish and thinks for herself first. Prachi tells that Pragya is more important than Ranbir, if Pragya can get her love by this sacrifice, then she will make the sacrifice. Rhea asks Prachi to break up with Ranbir. She tells that Abhi loves her a lot and would listen to her. She tells that she will ask Abhi to marry Pragya. Prachi meets Ranbir and ignores him. Rhea gets glad that her plan is working. Rhea asks Prachi not to waste time. She tells that its Abhi’s haldi function at home.

Prachi tells that Ranbir loves her, she can’t break his heart all of a sudden. She wants some time. Rhea is sure that Ranbir will be heartbroken and come to meet her. Meanwhile, Sarita and Baljeet make a plan to help Abhi and Pragya. Baljeet tells her that Abhi has lost his mind. Sarita tells that Pragya seemed to lost her mind as well. They want to give sense to Abhi and Pragya. They plan Abhi and Pragya’s meeting at the mall.

Baljeet tells that she will send Meera along so that Meera can also see Abhi and Pragya’s true love. Sarita hides her conversation from Pragya. Prachi cries recalling the deal with Rhea. Pragya wants her to confide the matter. She asks Prachi if Rhea or Aaliya had hurt her. Prachi doesn’t want to tell her the truth. She tells that she wanted her family to complete. Pragya tells that Prachi is her family. She wants to be doting towards her daughter. Prachi treasures her. She tells that Pragya is her everything.

She wants to do something for Pragya’s happiness. She knows Abhi and Pragya love each other a lot. She wants their relation to survive. She decides to unite Pragya with her love. She wants to see Pragya smiling at the cost of her own tears. Abhi is upset that he isn’t feeling complete without Pragya. He feels Pragya is making him marry Meera. He knows love is strange. He is helpless to hurt Pragya’s heart. Rhea goes home after ending her meeting with Prachi. Rhea meets Aaliya and tells her that she isn’t insecure about Ranbir.

She tells about her deal with Prachi. She knows that she will win this time. She tells Aaliya that she had made a deal with Prachi by asking her to sacrifice her love if she wants her parents’ union. She tells that she has taken Ranbir from Prachi and promised to give Abhi to Pragya.

She wants to rush to Abhi and tell him that he is free from the unwanted marriage now. Aaliya tries hard to stop her. Ranbir reaches Prachi’s house to meet her. Prachi ignores him. She asks Sarita to lie to Ranbir. Ranbir knows that Prachi is trying to avoid him. Sarita wants to know the matter from Prachi. Prachi promises to tell her the matter later. Sarita asks her not to trouble Ranbir, who loves her a lot.

Purab tries hard to convince Abhi that he shouldn’t marry Meera. Rhea barges into Abhi’s room for an urgent talk. She wants to keep her promise to Prachi. Abhi asks Rhea what does she want him to do. Rhea tells him that he should refuse to marry Meera. She tells that she doesn’t want him to marry Meera. This shocks Aaliya and Purab. Purab is glad that Rhea isn’t pressurizing Abhi now and has left her madness.

Rhea asks Abhi to reconcile with Pragya. She pretends to be at good terms with Prachi. Abhi is in shock seeing Rhea’s behavior. Abhi is more than happy that Rhea has finally left her obstinate behavior and considered her parents’ happiness. He wants Rhea to be mature-minded and think for others. He feels proud of Rhea, unaware that Rhea had already made a deal with Prachi. Aaliya gets upset that Rhea had double crossed her and ruined her game. She tells that it was always about Abhi and Pragya’s story. She doesn’t think she needs Rhea in her plans now. She tells that she will not support Rhea and her so called love story with Ranbir.

She gets against Rhea. She hates Pragya and was just using Rhea against Pragya. When Rhea decides to unite Abhi and Pragya to get Ranbir for herself, Aaliya decides otherwise. Aaliya doesn’t want Abhi and Pragya to stay happy. She wants to make a final move against Pragya and her daughters. What will Aaliya do now to stop Abhi and Pragya’s union? What do you think about Prachi’s sacrifice? Is it justified for her parents’ union or did Prachi’s character turn weak just like Pragya and Abhi? Comment your views and keep reading.

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  1. This show is getting too senseless, they made Abhi a useless man who can’t see what’s right or wrong but an emotional blackmailed fool but his sister and other daughter, while pragya a useless emotional woman who can’t stand up and defend what’s hers and now prachi is paying for that. The fact that Abhi isn’t considering Prachi’s feelings too is too foolish. Overlooking of Rhea’s crimes and fulfilling her demands is too shameful. Pragya knowing that Rhea is selfish and rude but instead of taking a stand to bring her daughter to the right path, she is getting into her demands. What’s the moral of this story really?

  2. If the writers are showing pragya an ability as morally sounds people, how can About overlook the wrong doing of his sister and daughter, their activities are clearly criminal, what message do the makers want to give, that criminal action are forgivable because the person is your relative, both Abi and pragya are looking like idiot, it’s like neither really care about their daughters, good parents would make the girls sit down and talk to them, overlooking one child’s criminal acts and basically ignoring the other child, makes both of them bad parents, Abi cones off as an total ass where prachi is concern does he even consider her his daughter? What sort of father is so insensitive to his own daughter? Rhea should never get Ranbir, like Aliya getting purab was really pukeworthy.

  3. I don’t think it’s realistic of Abhi to have relief so much on the evil sister and daughter and to have obeyed them sheepishly. It portrays him as a foolish and irresponsible husband and father. Pragya should have been engaged to another man too and that should have made Abhi rush to her. You he can’t bear to see Pragya with another man. As for Alia, I really don’t know why the authors still keep and encourage her in her evils . Pls let not evil triumph over good

  4. It’s time Rhea start loving her mom and sister Let Abhi and Rhea turn against Aliya Let Abhi run away from home like what Rhea did when he finds out the deal she made with Prachi

  5. Why is the sacrifice is so necessary ???Can’t prachi be smart and decline Rhea’s deal….And have ranbir’s love….And also abhi loves pragya so he’s definitely not marrying meera….why this sacrifice…It’s too dramatic…🤔🤔😑😑😕sick of this 😷😷🤕🤕🤒🤒

  6. Prachi’s decision is justified because who doesn’t want their parents to be together and more importantly parents happiness is the top and first priority.

    P.s-please don’t break the bond of abhigya and their childrens

  7. Can’t the writer think of her own story instead of copying pavitra rishta
    This is nonsense this is repeating the pavitra rishta story


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