Yeh Rishta Naira dies 2nd January 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira dies 2nd January 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira dies 2nd January 2021 Written Update Kartik and Naira fall towards the edge of the cliff. The danger looms over them. Naira senses that she had been worried for Kartik’s life. She realizes that Kartik’s life is threatened. She doesn’t want Kartik to lose his life. She worries for the entire family when the bus gets stooping on the edge. Gayu finds the entire family worried for her. The driver hangs down the bus. He shouts for help.

Kartik carefully helps the bus driver. Some of the family members get injured. They get some first aid. Kartik gets blessed by the driver. He wants the driver to take the bus to a stable position. The driver doesn’t guarantee that the bus will revert back. Kartik asks the family members to get down the bus one by one so that they all can get saved. They try to balance the bus weight just like the commonly seen scenes before. Naksh and Kartik risk their lives to secure the family first. They want Naira to go out with the baby.

Naira doesn’t want to leave Kartik. Naira’s foot gets stuck. She bears the pain. She wants Kartik to help the family first. She reminds his duties when he refuses to move away. Naksh and Naira secure Gayu and her baby Vatsal. Lav and Kush handle the kids, who cry for their mothers. Gayu realizes that she was close to death, but got saved because of the Goenka family. Goenkas struggle for their lives. Naira gives the baby to Kartik.

She wants Kartik to take the baby out to Gayu. Kartik assures Gayu that nothing will happen to Vansh. Kairav cries for Naira. Naira wants Kairav to sit calm and not make any mistake that risks the entire family. She keeps reminding Kartik that they have less time. She can’t see her family in such a helpless situation. She tells Kartik that her leg is stuck, she isn’t able to move from the point. She asks Kartik to send away Kairav and Krishna after Vansh and Krish. The family stays back while securing the kids. Krishna tells that she is brave enough, but wants them to come safely. Kartik and Naira promise that they would be coming to the family safely.

Their struggle to save the family goes on. Naira makes an unimaginable sacrifice by putting herself in danger to secure the family. Kartik realizes her move to accept the risk to convince them for leaving first. The family gets through the testing times and tries hard to save their lives. They lose Naira in the huge race against time.

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