Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2021 Written Update Karan entry

Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2021 Written Update Karan entry

Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2021 Written Update Karan entry Shrishti reaches Sameer to rescue him. She tells the manager that they work for a news channel, they have sent a reporter Akshay to know the hotel security and policies. She tells him that they will give the negative report to the channel to expose the hotel. The manager stops them. Kareena apologizes to Akshay as he wanted. She reprimands Preeta. Rakhi believes Preeta. She asks Preeta to stop it now.

Preeta tells that Akshay isn’t a nice guy. She wants them to let Kritika decide. She asks them to ask Kritika if she doesn’t want to know from Akshay about his hotel stay. Kritika asks Akshay about the drinks. Akshay’s dad tells them that he planned the get together for his friends and arranged the drinks. Preeta warns Akshay of dire consequences. Akshay tells them that he will never cheat Kritika, he loves her a lot and will be loyal always. Kareena is glad. Akshay’s mum feels sorry to get rude towards Kareena. She wants to complete Akshay and Kritika’s marriage.

Preeta tells that Akshay has no love for Kritika. Kareena asks Akshay to get baraat for Kritika. She promises that Preeta will never bother them again. Akshay’s mum slaps him. Akshay’s parents are greedy for money. They want Akshay to marry Kritika to get rich overnight. Akshay tells them that Ruchika is pregnant with his child, she was blackmailing him, he meets her always to fool her. He knows his plan to get Kritika’s property share and jewellery. He tells that they will start a new life after going abroad. He drinks to celebrate.

Shrishti plays a drama to teach a lesson to the hotel manager. She asks him not to question her anything. She confuses the manager. She tells that they were ordered to check the privacy, but he has troubled her junior as well. She asks the manager to give 500 rs to settle the matter. Sameer tells her that its wrong to ask for bribe. She gets 500 rs from the manager. She manages to save Sameer. Rakhi wants Kareena to not scold Preeta on the road.

She doesn’t want Preeta’s public humiliation. She wants them to talk at home. Kareena leaves Preeta alone. Akshay offers lift to Preeta. He insults her on her new defeat. He tells that she could have won easily, but its not a good fate favoring her. He reads her anger on her face that she wants to slap him. She asks him why is he cheating Kritika. He tells her that he likes to see her like a loser. He tells that she should let the marriage happen in peace, else he will be punishing Kritika. He tells her that Kritika has to pay for the slap.

He promises to torture Kritika. Preeta challenges to stop the marriage. She tells that she has committed this to herself. He asks her to go ahead and test her strength. He tells that the world is for bad people, and good people get insulted all the time. He promises to have the marriage rituals conducted. She tells that she will unmask him and stop the marriage. He jokes on her repeated failures. He tells that she can’t stand in front of the evil. He challenges her to do anything she wants. He tells her that he had seen Sameer which means she is around. He was alert and knew that she can take Kritika to him any time.

He reveals that he has sent Megha out before Preeta got Luthras to him. He asks Preeta not to mess with him. Preeta doesn’t want him to win. Sameer and Shrishti meet Preeta to know the happening. Preeta tells that Akshay won again, he had seen Sameer and sent Megha out of the room. She tells that she failed to prove his truth. She tells that Kareena had got angry on her. She wants to go home.

Shrishti returns to the hotel to get her purse. Preeta reaches home and faces an angered Kareena. Kareena asks Preeta to not step in the house until her daughter’s marriage. Preeta is shell shocked when she is asked to go to Sarla’s house. Rakhi too get helpless. Kareena ousts Preeta from the house, but Karan makes a timely entry for his ladylove. Karan saves Preeta from Kareena’s anger.

Kareena tells him how Preeta tried to break Kritika’s marriage. He tells her that Kareena doesn’t have any right to oust Preeta from the house, if Preeta has no right to break the marriage. He tells Kareena that she can’t behave bad with his wife. He wants Kareena to remember that Preeta is his wife. He doesn’t give anyone the right to insult his wife. Kareena is surprised to see Karan’s change. He takes a stand for Preeta like before, which pleases Rakhi a lot. Rakhi and Preeta get emotional with his declaration. Comment your views and keep reading.

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  1. I love you karan,you did the right thing,its time to be a man you can’t let the crooks win all the time,poor preeta trying her best to catch this ass hole Akshay a dam waste of time and poor kritika is so blind in love.
    I love you Karan and preeta wish you all the best in this movie

  2. This serial should be names Preeta Bhagya..as it has only to do with her.. all issues she wants yo resolve alone and never the men in the show have anything major to do. Karan is just and arm candy…Sameer is potrayed as one dumb fool.. who has no sense of his own.. the events and incidents don’t make much sense each time that Akshay gets saved…not once Sameer tells his family that he too has seen Akshay with other women or in the hotel.. he too had pics on his phone but you guys wants viewers to tell you all this.. stop this drag…

    • Yes ,this serial is a drag, every character is a dumb shit, esp sameer who is shown as a string attached and worked by the leading ladies. Sheelyn nd mahira should get the Oscar awards ,for all they do they go unscratched. In this day and age , some one should tell preetha to use the mobile to collect evidence ,when Akshay talks to her, its a waste of time for the folks of my family.

    • When women are getting the footage, you are complaining. If women aren’t given equal treatment, you all complain. So what do you want to happen. The show is made around preeta. And there is some storyline, which is to be followed. So have patience. There is some reason akshay isn’t getting caught. Wait for it. Not spreading hate. If I have hurt anyone’s sentiments , I’m sorry. But u should not be double sided. That’s all I wanted to say!!!🙏🙏PEACE🙏🙏

  3. Very dad to see kareena’s treatment towards preeta..infact its kareena who should be chucked out of the house together with mahira..yes! And sherlyn no good either..like mother but she worse cannot bear karan n preeta’s happiness. Btw where is rishabh? Akhshaye shud disappear too..womaniser but definitely not get married to kritika but hate kareena her bitchyness..kareena should be thrown out of luthra house bcoz its karan’s father’s house not kareena’s?

  4. I’m happy that Karan will support his wife but Preeta shouldo stop interfering in other people’s affairs after they don’t believe her Akshay shouldn’t succeed Let Preeta video tape him when he is making a mockery of her so she could only show Karan and Kritika

  5. I love u karan & preeta ur the best jodi 😍stay strong & always support each other like this 🥰 this episode is going to special I think so for everyone & we love u guys😘 be happy in ur life & never stop smiling both of u ❤stay safe & happy❤

  6. Please stop dragging everything cause it is notaking any sense now. The photo just disappeared come on now get done with this story line of Akshay getting bored and frustrated.

  7. I think this sameer shld be thrown out of the series. Good for nothing doesn’t have the guts to tell kareena the truth about akshay

  8. Years on, still not clear why kareena is staying in her mother’s house with her daughter kritika…. no sign or mention of Kareena’s husband… Yet she is nothing short of a dictator in the house and interferes in its affairs all the time to the extent she leaves no stone unturned to humiliate her bhabhi Rakhi….she encourages shirleen and Mahira to continue with their evil ways.AND YEH MIDDLE CLASS MIDDLE CLASS KYA HAi….maha irritating…..time for the murkhon ki maharanis to exit from the show.SHIRLEEN NEEDS TO DRASTICALLY IMROVE HER WARDROBE…..BELT on saris are for slim waists not love handles as hers….now we look forward to her pregnancy drama where she is exposed to having an illegal child ….how is it she comes out unscathed every time she commits wrong doings

    • My heart skipped a beat when karan declared preeta is his wife😍😍…..the best…karan and preeta should team up to expose akshay….i agree that there was alot of times akshay confessed his crimes or seen cheating and no one had the sense to know to record him…😕…even sameer saw him

  9. I hope when akshay is exposed by preeran kareena will finally shut up about insulting preeta and apologise to here and thank her for saving her daughter…….ooorrr she will just say preeta planned all that too…karan better show everyone the true value of his wife

  10. It’s about time Karan stands up for his wife . Sherlyn is pregnant for more than a year now and no one still knows the truth .If Mahesh cannot wake up and tell the truth about Preeta , Sherlyn and Mahira , he should be out of the show .Kareena is still living in her mother’s house and wants to call all the shots .Finally , Mahira should have been kicked out of that house a long time ago .

  11. It’s about time.karan stand up to that bully I hope he give it to Kareena man should stand up for there wife no matter what!


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