Yeh Rishta Amazing new twist 6th February 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Amazing new twist 6th February 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Amazing new twist 6th February 2021 Update Kartik is engulfed in the memories of Naira, which soon gets replaced by Sirat. He doesn’t want to believe that Sirat is Naira. He gets into an emotional conflict where his heart believes that Naira could have survived the fall and lost her memory, which made her pick any identity randomly and move on. His heart wants him to find out the truth once to clear doubts over Naira’s return.

Kartik’s mind feels that Naira has passed away and nobody can take her place. He doesn’t want to get into any fake illusions and grow mad. He wants to focus on his children who need him a lot. Kartik gets compelled by his heart to meet Sirat once and find out her connection with Naira. He very well knows that destiny plans everything accordingly, there is a reason if he has come across Sirat. He decides to follow the signs of the fate and check on Sirat.

He so wishes that its really Naira, whom he can bring back home. Kartik doesn’t waste time and reaches Sirat’s locality where he spotted her. He realizes that fate has brought him to the same place again, like its really his destination where his search will end. On the other hand, Sirat begins to leave the house by leaving an emotional letter for Maudi. She finishes her petty tasks in the house before leaving. She wishes to win the match and get selected.

She knows that Maudi will be more than happy with her success. Sirat leaves from there before Kartik arrives. Kartik wonders if he is at a right place. He feels his heart and mind are playing games with him. He doesn’t want to waste more time and just go back home. He leaves from her house, before she comes back to check on her Nani. Sirat finds Nani in a helpless state and stays back. She tries hard to get aid for Nani.

Kartik is shocked by a sight when he spots Sirat again. Destiny stops him from leaving. Kartik learns about her address and follows her to meet her once. He learns about her Nani’s ill health. Sirat rushes Naira for aid. Kartik finds the same house again where he had visited before. He feels destiny is bringing him to the same house which signs that Sirat could be Naira. He takes a risk and goes inside Sirat’s house. He begins to see Sirat’s pictures and learns her boxing craze. In no time, Sirat comes home only to find an uninvited guest.

She attacks him once again. Meanwhile, Kairav tells Krish and Vansh about Sirat, who resembles Naira a lot. He feels Sirat is Naira. The kids talk about Kartik’s visit to Sirat’s house. Manish gets worried knowing Kartik has gone to meet Naira’s lookalike. He wonders what’s the need to go if they know the truth that she isn’t Naira. Manish wishes that Kartik doesn’t get heartbroken again. Sirat welcomes Kartik by a blow on his head, which makes him faint down. Kartik gets conscious after a while, just to find Sirat close to him.

Sirat stops him from his love stares. Kartik tries to know about her. Sirat tells about her family and boxing background. She gives him a stern warning to stop following her like a lover. She wants Kartik to leave before she loses he cool. Kartik is left stunned to see her resemble Naira so much. His dilemma gets intensified. He turns up to help Sirat against Sheela and Mukesh. Will a new love story begin between Sirat and Kartik? Will Sirat really turn into Naira? Keep reading. Leave your comments below.

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