Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2021 Written Update Superb twist

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2021 Written Update Superb twist

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2021 Written Update Superb twist Sarla explains Preeta that the person who thinks from heart always gets hurt. She tells that Karan never thought for Preeta selflessly. She can’t see her daughter in pain. She feels Preeta’s pain. She tells that she was also hurt that everyone lost faith on Preeta. She asks Preeta to forgive them and go back to them if they apologize and show faith on her. She tells that she will not send her with Karan if Luthras don’t change their verdict. Preeta is sorrowful.

Janki asks her not to cry if she accepts Sarla’s word. Preeta tells that she has no control on her heart, she feels hurt. Shrishti asks Preeta to accept that she is sad because she misses Karan. Preeta denies it. She tells that Karan doesn’t care for her. Shrishti asks her to tell if she cares. She messages Sameer. She wants to find a solution to reunite Karan and Preeta. Shrishti can’t see Preeta sad. Shrishti goes to meet Sameer. She finds him buying roses and assumes that its for her. Sameer tells that the roses aren’t for Shrishti.

He shows his romantic side for someone else. Shrishti gets upset. He asks did she expect him to propose her. He tells that he will propose her on valentine’s day if he wants. She tells that they met to talk about Karan and Preeta. He asks the matter. She tells that Preeta misses Karan a lot. He tells that Karan is also missing her. She tells that Preeta cries at night, she can’t control her emotions, she loves Karan.

Sameer tells that Karan also loves Preeta, but he has ego and anger issues. He tells that Karan had emptied Preeta’s cupboard in anger and then arranged it back when his anger calmed down. He wishes that they find a way to make them meet once. She tells that she will try to make Preeta talk to Karan on phone. She tells that she will really help the lovers so that they celebrate valentines well. Sameer thanks her. Sarla asks Preeta to accompany her to buy grocery. Preeta tells that she will finish some kitchen work till then.

Janki informs about a thief entering their locality. Shrishti returns home and learns about a thief’s scare around. Sarla doesn’t have any fear. Shrishti tells that they have no jewellery or cash for the thief. Janki tells that thief won’t know about their status, he may harm them if he doesn’t get anything in the house. Shrishti tries hard to convince Preeta to meet Karan. She asks Preeta to talk to Karan and end their issues. Karan gets angered when Sameer insists him to accept his feelings for Preeta. Sameer asks Karan to call Preeta.

Karan and Preeta refuse to miss each other. Shrishti tells that she knows Preeta since childhood. She asks Preeta not to hurt herself in this manner. She finds Preeta emotionally disturbed. She asks Preeta to admit that she loves Karan. Preeta admits that she loves Karan. Sameer tells that Preeta told Shrishti that she loves Karan. Karan tells him that Preeta should have told him about her feelings, its no use if she tells her feelings to Shrishti or anyone else. She asks Preeta not to delay and confess her feelings to Karan.

She wants Preeta and Karan not to spoil their lives in their egos. Preeta calls up Karan. Sameer requests Karan to answer the call, its valentines day, talk sweetly to her and set up a good date. Karan gets rude to Preeta. He tells that he wasn’t waiting for her call, she didn’t care to call him. Preeta doesn’t want to hear his nonsense. He thinks she always shows attitude. Sameer asks him to talk sweetly with love, not rudely. Karan tells that he was speaking well. Preeta tells Shrishti that she didn’t wish to talk to Karan. She doesn’t want to call again.

Karan asks Sameer to not force him. Preeta waits for Karan’s call. She knows that Karan doesn’t care for her, he would not call her. She angrily tries to open the window to get some fresh air. She gets herself hurt. Shrishti asks her to be careful. Preeta tells Shrishti that Karan spoke to her as if she has no self-respect. She doesn’t want to give anyone the rights to insult her. Shrishti calms her down. Preeta doesn’t want to waste her life in convincing Karan. Shrishti asks her to meet Karan and talk face-to-face.

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2021

She knows that Karan’s anger will end on seeing her, his feelings will come out for sure. She tells that she should make her marriage work. Preeta agrees to mend her relation. She asks about Sarla. Shrishti tells that Sarla will be happy if her daughter is happy, if she knows that Karan has changed his mind. She gives hopes to Preeta. Preeta gets glad. Shrishti asks Preeta if she would jump down the window and go to meet Karan. Karan badly misses Preeti, but has no courage to confess his own feelings. He is surprised when Preeta returns home. Preeta meets Karan. He asks her why did she get late. She doesn’t want him to complain.

She admits that she missed him more than he missed her. They have a moment of union in Karan’s dream sequence. Mahira reaches Karan in Preeta’s absence. She is happy to see him angry on Preeta. Karan misses Preeta, but doesn’t want to take the initiative to end their fight. Karan arrives at Preeta’s house to meet her. She wakes up and sees the movement at the window. She gets scared assuming him to be a thief.

Preeta attacks him. Karan and Preeta get bound up in love and get into a romantic moment. She is surprised to see him. Karan reveals that he couldn’t stay without her and had come to meet her. Will Preeta compromise on her esteem and try once to mend her relationship with Karan? Will Karan give up on his ego and accept Preeta heartily? Comment your views on the coming valentines special episode of Kundali Bhagya. Keep reading.

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  1. The review is 4/5? Absolutely no content. I understand the direction they taking the show but this episode was about that?
    It going to be a case of sameer and shistri, against, sherilyn and Mahira. The 2 clowns would obviously be losing video and photos of preeta innocence now and sherilyn would be showing video and evidence to Kara… ah kill the producer once again.

  2. Stupid preeta, stupid Karan, stupid serial. Once it was my favorite serial. But after 2 year also we will watch it will be same. You will not feel you have missed even single episode. They both are fighting. Sherlyn still pregnant. Mahesh in coma. Sarla and karina too loud. 😀😀😀

  3. Please put this hide and seek for preeta and karan to an end its now boring we know they love each other very much bring them back together and show us their romantic scenes until preeta falls pregnant for karan and their life after that as family PLEASE

  4. Please get karan come close to preeta and get preeta pregnant with his baby,,,no more ego and fighting. Get mahira out of the house and expose sherlyn…

  5. Utter non-sense?? Audience is not brainless like the writer. Sameer was involved in all proof searches against Akshay… Just a matter of revealing it to Luthra family… I dont know why this serial is this non sense

  6. Karan & Preeta should stop behaving like kids & plan their lives together. Its high time they start planning of having their own family instead if these silly quarrel. Karan should always stand up for Preeta & not allow anybody nor family members to interfere in their relationship. Preeta too should stop hiding things from Karan, they are husband & wife. Mira should be thrown out of the house. Fool.

  7. Who ever is the writer pliz stop this mahira stupidity and they should leave karan and preeta alone we are tired of seeing preeta in tears when will she ever be happy with karan if u love mahira that much the pliz let her leave the serie coz we tired of the villan that are not exposed everytime preeta is to blame seriously u making hate the u the writer we want see karan trusting preeta

  8. Im so tierd of them not be abel to expose Akshay, why didn’t they have copies of all the evidence? Who didn’t sameer tell the Luthras the truth? I’m so tired of this slow show! Why can’t they live happy without any problems? And is sherlyn an elephant? Because her pregnancy is so long🙄So tierd of it

  9. You know this was one of my favourite soap. But it’s the same story over and over. It’s getting nonsensical. It’s not a picture to look forward to anymore. Come on writer get real stop living in a fantasy worl. I think you read to many mills and boon.

  10. It was one of my best .but getting very boring.this mahira and sheryln story is spoiling it.it’s long overdue for them to get caught.


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