Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Romance leaps

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Romance leaps

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Romance leaps Preeta and Karan get close together while she applies the relieving balm to his injuries. Karan tells her that he missed her a lot. Their love stiry comes on track. Karan tells her that he wants to celebrate their togetherness and love on the valentine’s day. He wishes her happy valentine’s day. She also wishes him to reciprocate. She fails Karan’s kissing attempt out of her shyness. He respects her shyness as well. They have a lovey dovey sweet romance.

Rakhi calls up Karan to know his whereabouts. Preeti asks him to talk to Rakhi. He asks if she wants him to go home. Preeti tells that he should go home, else Rakhi will worry. She adds that Shrishti would be coming to her room, he can’t stay back at night. Karan tells that she has taken over his bedroom, e will also take over her bedroom. She asks him if he is going to stay back. Karan replies in its favor by a naughty smile. Rakhi celebrates valentine’s day by gifting a rose to her husband Mahesh, who is still in the state of comatose.

She cries out her pain over Karan’s sorrow. She tells him that Karan lost his smile since Preeta left. She wants Mahesh to come back to share his son’s sorrow. She tells that Karan isn’t able to openly talk to her. Sameer witnesses Rakhi’s emotionally weak moment. She urges Mahesh to come back to the family for the sake of their love. She tells Mahesh that the family needs them a lot. She misses him. Sameer cries on seeing her shed tears.


He calls up Shrishti to share his feelings. She rejects the call at night. He texts her to request for a talk. She imagines his proposal. She asks the reason to call at night. She feels he is going to wish her on valentines. He gets angry on her big hopes. She calls him in anger on his rude reply. He tells her that he isn’t going to say I love you to her. She asks the reason for the call. He tells that he called to tell her that he is really angry on her, she didn’t help Karan and Preeta.

He adds that Rakhi is tensed for Karan, she was sharing the sorrow with Mahesh. Shrishti wants to tell him that Karan is at her home. She tells him that Karan has come home to meet Preeta, he has promised Sarla that he will keep Preeta, he is still in Preeta’s room. Sameer tells that he loves her a lot, she has given a big good news. He didn’t expect Karan to patch up with Preeta. He tells that he will inform Rakhi to make her happy. She asks him not to tell anything else Karan’s plan may spoil. She tells him that Karan is with Preeta. She adds that everyone was stressed for Karan and Preeta, but they have patched up on their own.

She tells that she will take revenge on them since they troubled her. Sameer asks her not to trouble them and let them live in peace. She doesn’t listen. Karan tells Preeta that he will stay back at night, go out from the window in the morning and come from the main door to meet Sarla and ask for Preeta. He doesn’t want to go home alone without taking his wife. Karan talks romantically to make Preeta feel awkward. She wants him to stop his cheesy talks.

Karan tells him that he was missing her a lot. He asks her to realize his feelings. He tells her that he doesn’t want to stay in the room if she isn’t there. Preeta gets emotional, realizing her mistake to stay away from him. They both had put each other in sorrow because of their egos. They now subside their egos and unite.

Shrishti comes to tease Preeta. Preeta hides Karan behind the bed. Shrishti tells Preeta that she isn’t able to sleep on the sofa. She wants to sleep in the room. Preeta asks Shrishti to let her stay alone for some time. She doesn’t want Shrishti to disturb her. Shrishti checks the room. Preeta stops her from seeing Karan. Her weird behavior makes Shrishti sure that Karan is around. Shrishti catches Karan there. She teases Preeta on confirming it. She tells Preeta that Karan is inside the room, whatever Preeta needs is with her.

She lets Preeta and Karan enjoy their time. Preeta feels really odd to hide Karan as her lover. Shrishti speaks to Sameer again. She tells him that she confirmed that Karan is with Preeta. He asks her not to disturb them. She tells that Preeta was so tensed and wanted to make her out of the room. She has seen cute love in Preeta’s eyes. Sameer tells that Shrishti also sounds cute. She asks him not to propose her. She tells him that she isn’t of his type, he will not propose her. She feels that she maybe have offended him. He also thinks of Shrishti, who isn’t his girlfriend. He plans to propose Shrishti in a way that she doesn’t refuse.

Karan tells Preeta that Shrishti is alone without her boyfriend, so she is after them. She tells him that Shrishti has seen him. He tells that he is going to stay back. She asks him where will he sleep. He asks her where will she sleep. They both claim the bed first. He asks her not to get scared, he is her official husband. He pulls her leg asking her not to imagine anything wild. He makes her speechless with this naughty romance leaping over their past problems. The show is finally getting on the right track with major emphasis on the leads’ love life. What do you think? Comment your view and keep reading for some great quick updates.

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  1. Akshay should have been exposed….now prithvi is back an if its true that he wants to marry krithika then preeta again will have to break kritika marriage…how much of these insults do preeta have to put up with….i want preeta to expose akshay still

  2. Soon this cute one week romance will be ending…back to the crazy Mira without no plot for the past year…she still obsessed…she needs to exit…expose all the things she did for Preeta for the family…


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