Anupama Pakhi goes missing 18th February 2021 Update

Anupama Pakhi goes missing 18th February 2021 Update

Anupama Pakhi goes missing 18th February 2021 Update Kavya cries out to make Vanraj accept her request. He tells that he loves her. She asks him if he will celebrate birthday with the family and leave her alone. He explains that he left the family to be with her, she is also is priority but his family still has relations with him. Kinjal tells Leela that they can go to any resort. Leela tells that they will not go to any resort, since Rakhi did a huge drama before. Kinjal learns that Leela is keeping the birthday party at home. She opposes it.

She asks Anupama if she is okay with it. Anupama tells that she can’t speak between Vanraj and Leela. Kavya asks Vanraj to consider her as family. She asks him to think of her happiness. She feels its not fair with her. He apologizes to her. She asks him to explain Pakhi that she wants to celebrate birthday with him. Pakhi overhears them. She feels that nobody loves her, both Vanraj and Anupama have their own problems and don’t love her. Kinjal argues with the family about Vanraj. Paritosh and Kinjal get into an argument, followed by Leela.

Leela tells that she kept a puja for the family peace. Anupama asks Kinjal not to fight in front of Leela. Kinjal tells that she can’t stay back in the puja or party, she has work, she can’t ignore her work. She tells that she will just call up Vanraj and wish him. Paritosh apologizes to Kinjal. He asks her to take a leave. He wants to spend time with her. He tells that they shall sort their issues and start fresh. She is also fed up of their fights. He tells that he is planning to gift a watch to Vanraj. She reminds that he forgot Anupama’s birthday.


She tells that he is biased, he doesn’t think for his mum. She clears to him that she is just thinking of Anupama. He tells that Anupama has made Kinjal just like her. Samar misses Anupama and speaks to her on call. She tells that Paritosh and Pakhi don’t understand her. She wishes Samar comes back soon. He tells her that she should come to him. She hugs her son’s picture. She wishes her family was together. She recalls Vanraj’s last birthday when they were together. She knows that Vanraj would be happily celebrating with Kavya and Pakhi.

Pakhi acts to be sleeping. Vanraj wonders how did Pakhi sleep without wishing him. Kavya wishes him. He asks her about Pakhi. She tells that Pakhi is fine, she is sleeping. Pakhi has heard Kavya’s plans to break her from Vanraj. Kavya tells that she loves Pakhi, but she doesn’t get privacy when Pakhi is with him. Leela calls Vanraj to wish him on his birthday. She blesses him. He thanks her for giving him birth. Anupama overhears Leela and Vanraj’s conversation. She respects their relation, while Kavya gets bored.

Vanraj gets wishes from the entire family. Leela asks Vanraj to come home for the puja. Vanraj gets into a dilemma after Leela’s request. Kavya asks him to tell Leela about their plans. Leela is sure that Vanraj will come. Anupama suspects that Pakhi is worried for some matter. Pakhi leaves Kavya’s house. Anupama asks Vanraj if Pakhi is fine. Vanraj informs that Pakhi left the house. Anupama runs to find her daughter.

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