Kundali Bhagya Prithvi threatening act 19th February 2021

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi threatening act 19th February 2021

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi threatening act 19th February 2021 Karan tells Preeta that he can stay back at home if she wants. Sameer asks him to come to office. He sends Sameer. He asks Preeta to confess her feelings, its their valentines day. He tells that he is waiting to hear her love confession. He gives his surprise. He tells her that he got the gifts for her. He wants to see her in his favorite colours. He tells her that Mahira isn’t so bad, she is also in queue, if Preeta doesn’t confess her love. Preeta checks his gifts. She likes the sarees.

Karan and Sameer rush to the office. Karan tells that he is happy. Sameer tells that Preeta’s return has brought back Karan’s smile. He wants Karan to accept it. Karan asks Sameer to sit quiet and not tease him. Karan tells that its really true. He thinks of Preeta. Preeta wears the blue coloured saree as per Karan’s wish. She rehearses to confess her feelings to Karan. She dresses up as Karan’s wife. He wants to reach office soon and ask her about her feelings.

Preeta gets a call and gets mistaken that its Karan’s call. She tells him that she was waiting for his call to profess her call. She professes her love to Prithvi by mistake. She tells him that she doesn’t know when she fell in love with him. She admits that she loves him a lot. She tells that she missed him a lot. She feels lucky to get Karan in her life. She tells that her prayer is answered in his avatar. She admits that she loves him.

Prithvi gets super-excited to know that she loves him. He replies that he loves her too. She identifies his voice. He tells that she is his valentine. He tells that he is her Prithvi. She reprimands him and clears his misunderstanding. She tells that she was saying all that to Karan. He realizes that she was confessing love for Karan. Even then he wants her to just love him. He decides to marry her forcibly. He tells that Karan will not come between them. He doesn’t want this to happen. He tells that the truth is he also loves her. She asks him if he has gone mad. He tells that he is coming to meet her, he is back for her love. Preeta condemns his cheap act.

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  1. Comment:pritivi back in the show again i hope this time he is exposed both him and sherlyn forllow by mahira as well as akashay all togethere villins

  2. Pritivi again please expose all of them( Mahira sherlyn Akshay and pritivi). Please is preeta going to give birth to a child for Karan

  3. When will the idiotic sherlyn and Mahira get exposed. Atleast once the family must see the negative side of these people instead of blaming preeta all the time.

  4. Can the writer be realistic and give excitement for once and expose sherin and Mahira # we want the truth to come out I mean it’s season 3 but still we are watching the same thing over and over again, it’s boring 🤔🤔


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